The Angry Black Man Syndrome : Ian Ngige Njoroge

My question is,if this boy can do that to a cop, na girlfriend akimkosea je? I have been telling you to fear chimpanzees bcz being at the bottom of the pyramids is not very easy. Men from other races hawananga hizi makasiriko. Being inferior to other men is why black men are really killing women and even beating the police. As Dunstan Omari rightfully put it such men are a danger to themselves and vulnerable members of society. My warning to black women, don’t become a victim of these frustrated chimpanzees. You will suffer psychological abuse and even physically leading to death. Go for alpha males like junguu bcz they are not suffering from defeated masculinity and depression. From the fury of this boy only 19, you can imagine what he will be like at 30. Probably turned many women into motivational speakers. Don’t mistake trauma bonds for attraction. I don’t understand why you should harbor a fugitive in your house even if he threatened you. What if police shot at you? Kenyan ladies kindly think twice don’t allow a chimpanzee to take you down with him.

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Maliseeni ako kamaraya msee


These jokes keep writing themselves. An old disturbed hag speaking of anger while she spews bile, vitriol, venom, and spite against the same black men like a fire hydrant? You’re a lost cause, schizo.


:grinning::grinning::grinning::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: This is what I like seeing


with this kind of thinking, no society will ever free itself from a vicious cycle of police brutallity, extrajudicial killing and crime. The young man is a symbol of ‘principled defiance’. malcom x said we should fight fire with fire…

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You have standards but what you bring to the table is old wrinkled pussy with grey hair


Maliza hii delusional mkora kabisa

So maraya muzee you expected the young man to be dragged to court or pay 10k bribe to the police? Thank God there are African women who don’t think like used tampons like you. Your parents would disown you if you read your stupid posts. How do you feel calling your father a chimpanzee?