The amount of grovelling here is too much.

Makes you wonder, kwani its only men who fuck up in a relat??
Now this here is beta male chiet anajitetea, probably knows his ex is watching his timeline. Sienzi kabisa.



simind 1500

Twitter is like a beta male convention. Simps zimejaa huko kama inzi kwa choo ya kijiji.

How does this even relate?

Hao hufanya upus ya PDA na kukubeg urudi ndio hutombwa bila huruma ukiwa wax. Saizo ata mtu akisuggest kunguru yako inagawa nje unaeza mkatakata na panga juu amekosea “my lady” heshima.

Unakumbuka maumaus daughter na chali wake wa twittr.walituonesha vituko

They’re usually overcompensating to ease their guilt after kukunjwa na majambazi mtaani. Same as those chics who always post their guys on their whatsapp and social media. Nimekunja tusichana kadhaa alafu naona wanaweka chali zao kama Whatsapp status after a few days.

That nigga was the epitome of weak-ass beta male behavior. Ati anajiingiza kwa polyamorous relationship. He was a willing cuck and that whore cucked him a good one.

Am sure the woman cheats.

Side effects za kusafisha mecho zimeanza… re-habbb…

Always remember that in a relationship whenever there is a happy woman there has to be a miserable man.

Whenever I see some guy do a public declaration of “love” on soshomedia, I cringe hard. Compound that with no response from the expected recipient of the declaration. Mbona watu hujichukia hivi?

Easy answer.

Hawana self respect
Hawana self value
Hawana self confidence

Ni vile Hollywood imewafundisha plus clout chasing.

The level of cucking was next level.Jamaa mpaka alikua anaji ita jina ya the singo matha. Kazi ni kufanya manicure na facials pamoja… It was very embarrassing.

So, they expect that after posting that nonsense, the intended lady will come all rosey-eyed, saying “aaawwww”, and they sweep them off their feet, and ride on to live together happily ever after? Yenyewe kuna vitu zinafaa kufunzwa mandatory when coming of age.

:smiley: Wow, that’s some next level cucking.

That guy achieved the highest cuck level ever achievable. Na saa hiyo that singo matha was just a below-average whore with an insatiable appetite for the cock carousel. If a son ever behaves like that, it’s only fair that the father disowns and cuts him from the will, and has him excommunicated from the clan.

Women are vampires, only that instead of feeding on blood, they feed on a man’s joy. If a vampire is full, you bet your ass there’s someone somewhere who has been bled dry.