The African mind is idle and needs to be engaged with religion constantly

Nowhere else are human beings kept on a religious marathon like it happens in this continent. From Monday to Sunday, it’s always running to and fro engaging the human beings in superstitious mental activity. The climax is Sunday for Christians and Friday for Muslims. The dog or cat will be forgotten as its owner runs helter skelter to attend the mass. It’s not just a manifestation of belief in God but a kind of desperate activity to adhere to some strict practices set by their religious leaders. Some even go to lengths to devote their time and energy in performing domestic chores for their pastors/imams/sheikhs/padres

Yes like sweeping and mopping a road in nakuru for prophet awuor

A very revealing admission Mr. Commissioner. Are you saying you have joined us in the dark side? Karibu sana.

Not actually. I am a Christian and I believe in God but I believe that worship is basically a very individual thing and I refused to be constrained to some human doctrines

That’s the height of this madness if you ask me. And calling him the mightiest prophet

Chief I think I will correct you kidogo. As for me I dont believe in a god or any gods. I believe there is a Supreme Being somewhere coz we cant be here by chance and I refuse to give Him a name. Mimi sikuangi a very religious person so anything related to religion I avoid it like a plague.

I must comend you bwana chief. Its such insights that i’d grapple for a healthy argument,its bipartisan and encompasses various aspects,unlike others here who’s arguments are biased and one sided and are quick to judge. I respect your stand sir. Nitakutafuta

Not questioning your sentiments but rather hinting at expounding,How sure are you of a supreme being? Being here not by chance is correct though,hapo kuna a big what if.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the universe,in itself being a living thing…atoms,matter and all building blocks that make us …WE are leeching inside it like a parasite that feeds on natural resources without giving back.

You may be up to something here, bro… Have you seen how many times our @Ndindu posts biblical topics here when bored?.. :D:D:D

Thanks sir

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion

Based on what have you concluded:

  1. We can’t be here by chance.
  2. A supreme being exists.
  3. The supreme being is male.

I’m just doing my time quietly

Do you agree with me or not?

Nikikuwa PORK naweza finya kanisa sana and enable creation of hustles with juicy overtime compensation ndio pastors wakose washirika.

Africans needs to be sanitized watolewe excessive religion kwa kichwa ndio they engage in profitable ventures.

Me agreeing or disagreeing with you will not change the truthfulness of your claims so kindly answer my questions.

There should be action against criminal activity but our leaders know that a religious population is easy to manipulate so they will never discourage it. Kuna watu saa hii wako na WSR sababu yeye hutoa kwa kanisa!

You didnt ask any

Based on what have you concluded:

  1. We can’t be here by chance.
  2. A supreme being exists.
  3. The supreme being is male.

Cosmos… It’s all there was and it’s all there’ll ever be… Carl Sagan was step ahead