The African American Tragedy - The Healthy

nashindwa kumaliza sentence. Basically she pointed the good and the bad, and the hoochie mama boulevard. Back in Riveside Niko bus stop , a guy and two females who were scarier than a horror movie, and the guy mumble, yoh dude you need some pwoss? You can take them both!
The people abusing the system loopholes to the extent that machousingizi lala nap now

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There are some very good ones for sure, and there is actually one we worked with in Kuwait, who , lo and behold, 3 weeks ago I got into the Super Walmart and was blazing down the aisle, I think I got world record for no aisle surfing tendencies, and I never feel like going with a lady to a store, unless of course kuna bar hapo kando ya kuriburudisha, up on which she can knock herself out up and down the aisle as she pleases, while I indulge in the most ubiquitous and most "
then someone calls me , I was like wtf! small world…went through Panda and I got some thing for us, and I gave him a ride, and again lo and behold its the building across the street from mine!
When I first got into Networking business, straight out of USAF Tech School, off to Okinawa Japan, where I was amazed to observe that there was one E4 Sr. Airman, and another an E3 Airman 1st Class, the sharper of who is actually a guy we code named Cisco Kid or D, and sure enough as fate would have it, D, myself, and another very talented fella Laban are Engineers with Cisco(D from 2004, Laban 2007, myself last year). The Airforce is good at snuffing out talent from amongst the crowd, whereas, unless someone thinks they are Gun Ho that they got to the Marines, or whichever unfortunate souls end up in the Army, let is say you got your work cut out for you! If you have a friend or relative, tell them to go, most preferably the Air Force, or else US Navy. The latter 2, no kidding is probably 80% of the military BRAIN POWER; on the obverse, the former two perhaps 90% of the “BRAUN”!
The Brain Power is BY NO MEANS hyperbole; there are some extremely competent SOBs out there; of course inversely proportionally to the Braun crews-the opposite.
So I was impressed by D a lot, and quickly thereafter I transitioned to the Technical Lead Roles, existent or not. For maybe 6 of the last 7 years, the posts existed, and for now, it is essentially a job description, in my own case, NCE SME to Washington Metropolitan area; the environs of which inhere, at lest on working days those crooked fellaz you see on TV holding pissing contests, plus perhaps about 30 more 3 letter acronyms no one knows exist from without the bubble.
Let me detail an interesting ‘anecdotal’ account, or let’s say, relatively so, as in, 50 real anecdotes is my 1 anecdote resolution. When you got no people to really discuss stuff meaningfully, you become a keyboard warrior, and as an act of parody, or in other cases pariah, I may play the victor and the villain in one page of typing as I methodically stack them against each other, like there were two corporeal beings conversing, while in reality no more than phantasmal apparitions. Ok to the story. Many people, VERY CORRECTLY point out; you really enjoy talking to yourself-keyboard or not I always am and therefore I am!! anyway let me start the anecdote before it reaches christmas '18!
There is this one military joke, that you may have heard, or may be not. A member from each of the military branches was given an assigned mission to execute; to secure a building:
=>Mr. Marine: Carry a minimum of about 500, 000 rifle rounds, 500 RPG projectiles, a full rifle, and M4 rifle, 200 grenades, maybe 1000 or so body bags, and if logistics is a challenge, improvise and bring Propane gas cylinders, and the battle field i is set: Kill anyone and anything detectable to infra red DEAD and establish a temporary Headquarters entity MISSION 100% PASS!!
=>Mr. Army: This one has got a little bit of a tough burden to carry out. Go ahead and carry about 1 pallet worth of standard Xerox papers, with all dedicated to creating about 50,000 or so Access Rosters; mabati kilo kama soo nane hivi, for temporary shelter, and place EACH and every soul affiliated with one or the other checkpoint. AS soon as the 50,000 or so access control rosters are all reconciled, be it 5 minutes, or 5 decades later, RECONCILLIATION ACCOMPLISHES MISSION 100%.
Mr. Navy: These guys are well known for METICULOUS cleanliness, and order, given their ocean bound footprint that lives little room, for barely anything , short of preparing F18s to do missions, CQ offices, and etc. The goal here is STEALTH-unakumbuka USS Cole Bombing? Therefore, since they are not airborne with an F117 stealth fighter, they do the next best thing, in the parlance of any IT Security Experts that partake indulgence in VERBAL AND OTHER INTERCOURSE within the confines of KENYATALK…, SECURITY THROUGH OBSCURITY BINGO !!! Oh, not so fast, for that is an antithesis to the tried and proven security in depth; Bwana Admiral, no problem we are navy we do it Navy way.So they get into the building, and first order of business is cutting the main power lines, and any other POTS specific infrastructure such as for old school and rapidly disappearing landlines, Flash torches that illuminate VERY BRIGHTLY using BLACK Color illumination(and here I thought I had my stuff together on the issue of colors and notions such as SANS COLOR, or rather, BLACK as being implicitly autonomous !!! Any electronic equipment is scrambled to counter challenge the aggressors. Once all lights are turned off, all utilities cut, and all shades put up, and not the slightest faint of grass 1000 below the perception thresholds for hominids; THEN AND ONLY THEN MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
Mr. Chairforce, uuumhh ummmh I beg you a pardon; Mr. Airforce, please: I would negotiate for a 2 year lease, and this with the potential for a further 3 year option years on the basis of merit, plus an “escrow style” insurance policy for the risk taken. THEN AND ONLY THEN - THE BUILDING IS SECURE!!!
Okay, when we got deployed to Thailand following the tsunami disaster, I have detailed it severally in a myriad of manifold contextual discourses, wherein my aim is to unveil a seeming reductio of absurdity for lower ranked Marines.
A Joint Task Force , JTF pitting Marines and US Air Force, were tasked with executing the relieve operations via the air lift option, in the wake of biblical proportions of devastation that engulfed the South Asians, and leaving at least half a million a soul no more.
Crimping Cables: You got 8 strand copper wire, and an RJ 45 Connector, and a pair of crimpers. Air Force side, we did each crimping operation solo, whereas the Marines used 4 people to crimp each wire!!! YEEESSSS… To make factors worse, none of the corporals, privates, or whatever they call their lower ranks, had NO administrative access to the Network Devices, nor the relevant servers; save for GUNNY! GUNNY held the key to the holy grail , an he was not on dayshift! It makes me laugh when I remember. I remember having to do some crazy stuff when Gunny couldn’t be reached for policy enforcement. Basically Marines’s Satellite Feed was Primary, where as the Air Force one was subjunct, resultant on the chalks of components and materiel that had been adduced; the Marine’s were already well supplied thanks to the not so long before that madness in Operation Enduring Freedom in the Middle East to sanitize Saddam woes; mostly patent lies! I remember working with one of the Blue Coat Proxy Serers, as well as the then in use Sidewinder Firewalls. I remember there was a collective effort to get the 18th Wing Commander, Brigadier General Jeffrey Remington-a very interesting fellow who exuded an aura of patent presidential panache; those you might call naturals. But of course this was NO) natural situation. OK in a nutshell when you are doing routing say between A and B in the cloud or ocean of cyber space, the logic is not BI-DIRECTIONAL; you have to code in logic for vectoral AB trajectory, and indepedently BA, and this my friends is one of those bad stomachaches that can really cripple beginners, if they neglected pr0per training in the fundamentals. One of the most commonly deployed via a technology paradigm IPSEC paradigm providing potential for CIA+NR(Confidentiality-encryption; Integerity-message authentication code has based functionality; Availability-via resilience in design; NR Replay avoidance, or simply echoing back stuff to confuse another and this effected via sequence numbering).
IPSEC employs a construct called IKE(currently V2) , yaani Internet Key Exchange, and there are two main phases Phase 1 and Phase 2; IKE Phase 1 (Either Main Mode Or Aggressive Mode||| Main Mode-3 pair of exchanges; 1 provide proposals; 2 proposal agreement as well as a common dynamic key used to create a management VPN connection the 3rd set of messages will validate mutual identity and authentication safely || Aggressive Mode-as implied it is aggressive but the flow is 3 exchanges-here a weakness is the fact that the initial of the 3 legs, the security hole here is lack of safety of the mutual identification purposes, but it significantly speeds up the process). IKE Phase 2: Only 1 mode or Main Mode is supported. That management tunnel from IKE Phase 1 is used to negotiate options on HOW REAL DATA WILL GET PROTECTED; ESP is commonest at IP Protocol 41; AH can do the can do much of the same but NOT encrypt ;thus ESP is preferable. Eventually the tunnel Up and traffic flowing.
On the Side Winder
We had the potential of what may be termed as asymmetric routing (MOST people fudge this up and state Asynchronous !-Synchronous is a wide area networking mechanism of operations by imposing a clock rate to dictate time and flows pursuant to a secure ). The dilemma was this; Airforce has exit A, Marine has Exit B; indeed, and for returning traffic of course, something similar. You may run into a problem such that Exit US Air Force traffic comes back through the Army Path. Most organizations indicate a variant of checks to prevent funny business here.
Sh1t sikulala, usingizi again; Traffic exits US Air Foce Path but come s back instead via Marines Path, which is by definition. a potential hole for “spoofing/masquerading”. With no assistance from Gunnyz equipment, I literally split the first Octet 0 127 natural path to Marines and forced 128 to 255 first octet to piga kona kona like Poxipreshas Otonglo Time. I forgot what I was speaking about …ummmhh Oohhh
ok. So the point was the fact there are many exemplar African Americans doing well, and for example, with my friend D, I met few people who can exceed the skill set.
There is the so called CCIE–This is the grave yard for lazy fellaz literally speaking; if you want to enjoy whoop ass upon whoop ass ,whereby, depending on your skill set, it will generally take you, assuming you got about 5 years plus experience.The average amount of time, or lets actually say the target minimum time frame is 750 to 1000 hours of LABBING(It got Theory na LAB). The theory aspect, again, depending on your skill set, is no walk in the park. If you are green you might need to read and UNDERSTAND may be something in the ball park of a minimum 20 or so books, majority of which have not much propensity to drift south of 600 or so pages; plus countless more hours in research, and the odds are you will go to test and the exam WILL OWN YOUR ARSE at lest upwards of 80 or more of people who attempt. Keep in mind the average CCIE has usually at least roughly 50 or so years of experience joining the game. Anyway, there are perhaps some voodoo measures some use to sail through it, non existent dumps that a or b might (well in theory) and etc etc. Anyway Some got it and are clowns, while many are very good, but, as an experienced fella, take those credentials with a grain of salt. Some people will fool the system doubtless. I remember that in roughly 09 to 10 or so, the CCIE holders while much mover than current, who knows approaching 60000 or so; basically China churned out about almost 1000s of them in a in a 6 month time frame! BRTE force DUMPING: The deterrent is “mullah”. If you have to shell out, maybe, what, perhaps in the neighborhood of roughly 200,000 and that is JUST the lab, plus 30 or 40000 written those sides, and a lot of purchased time, assuming, as is probably just about 1100% bed time…The very beginning of this posting not this comment I think I might have about BEDTIME!!! sayonara yawny yawny hadi halleluyah!

The story will make little sense because I am half a sleep and inadvertently deleted the anterior aspects of this discourse, maybe a FAT ctrl^a then delete or whatever.
to be continues in the next lifetime.

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While the grammar is perfect, thoughts seems so scattered and all over the place. Let me guess. ADHD?

You asked for it so brace yourself.ADHD? Maybe. Almost all I will tell you I have told numerous times within variable contextual scopes, and sure enough if you try to piece all together, you might find yourself on a noose from frustration so I just retype them.
Put bluntly, and genuinigly for that matter, the truth is that it is very difficult to find people with whom to INTERCOURSE WITH, at least with the EXCEPTION of the version before midnight mayhem, as discussants to fruitflully dissect highly pervasive contemporary issues.
Disturbingly, there are some times very very important i s relayed, but people are stuck in Makokha mode instead!
I have said this numerous times to date, and infinitely more hereafter, that Kenya is afflicted with the DEVELOPED COUNTRY SYNDROME; instead of looking up to achieve things greater, 909% of efforts are sabotage fueled, with the ultimate goal being:
The most crucial aspects that has me with VERY MANY followers I previously had cursed out and blocked, and this in solidarity with fellow aggrieved hapless homo sapiens. I don’t go to hunt anyone, they bring it upon themselves.
When I talk sh1t about you, and others repulsed by you, out of their on stupidity join the wagon to create delusional “eye for an eye” satisfaction; I will curse out, block, then forget about them; but they scarcely ever me. These are those “poor bambis”, if you recollect the concept why is there so much EVIL, pain, and suffering, yet claim the divine providence is so loving, that the poor bambi was slowly fried to a horrendously slow death over the course of two days, before ultimately succumbing.
A REAL IDIOT: If you want to instantly spot a genuine idiot, they don’t have anything notable to say, so they will put a 1 word dismissal to suggect Idiocy of their phantasmal nemesis; all the while unable to grasp that their sentiments are instructively AUTOBIOGRAPHIC!
I think iteratively with many things to let out, and thus lack the patience to retrieve all of it, coz you quickly sahau them, upon a RAM REFRESH cycle, and as a matter of fact my handy work is attached; a handwriting sample; an exemplar leftie!
I type rather fast for the normal person. The confluence of a bunch of colliding thoughts and so forth render the frame of reference that, true enough, logically suggests ADHD. I repeatedly mention that is a journal entry from “my perspective”, and perhaps those who have read enought of it over time get to understand the gist. Its very true too, that on many occasions I state something “very crystal clear”, or seemingly so, from my potentially deranged psyche, yet people see clouds. The real problem here though is NOT the complexity, but nascent instant gratification mindsets, with subsequent replacement of their grey matter with ONE GOOGOL TRANSISTORS.
When a blackout occurs na powerbank imeenda bafu, mtu hawezi kwenda latrine kuzaa VIBONGE VYA SHONDE KILO MBILI NUKTA TISA TISA ju hakuna bootstrapping code!

Since I was a kid, I am one of those fellaz they call “socially awkward”. Perhaps I and only I didnt have a gf imagined or existent , and this not because I didn’t like the ladies, but rather, I knew not what to say, and as such I said just that. The girls indeed did bet weekly, and of this I had no clue all the way from Primo Days until I was past Form 4, how long until I strangle my future wife to death after marriage; and they even set me up with this light skinned kikuyu beauty after I took bait and stepped in class during break, and she graced me with my first glance at a nipple, and a vertical waft of pubic hair, as I slid along the wall, trying to find a way to run to the second floor window of our class to jump out to escape my quagmire.
The great irony thaough, is that I married the smartest of those very women I never spoke to back then, who was always one or two positions behind me. Upon marriage for that matter, my comfort zone was instantiated, for I can act out the full horizon o my perversions, for I didn’t care any more, then lo and behold, almost sadly speaking, I got perhaps a 5 fold jump monkey count after saying I do!! YET LADIES CLAIM MEN ARE THE CHEATERS.
My intellectual curiosity is perhaps safely in the top 1 and lowest possibility 2%. This is not refflected in framed pictures of credentials; actually I never even finished a Bachelor’s Degree but merely an Associates one, which you may bettter understand as a diploma. I skipped the traditional 4 and flew out right after I got my “Invitation to JKUAT For Electrical and Electronic Engineering Program”, and this for several good reasons. None of it fools anyone I have meaningfully interacted with. To tersely posit a useful referential analogy, I dwell upon noumena, or underlying essence, while the vast majority do phenomena, or rather , specific examples, of which the entire list defines the underlying noumenon. 50% of my “hobby allotment” is speculation. When I am cutting through specific instances, I might have a whole library of basis, but there is not time to state it all, so I fill in the blanks, and I do purvey information sets of a resolution such that, the real DEBE TUPUS get very bewildered, contrary to all the other thoughtful commentators. That is the origin club “dim” “fala” yadi yada. If my moniker is dimz fala, do you think I really give a sh1t about the labels? My cursing them out is not for offending me; its an attempt at exorcising their Darwinian incompatibility.
I am hungry so I will sspare the forum further angst.