The aethiest country in the world

Estonia is ranked as the world aethiest country. with 76% of it’s population not tambuaring any religion
Estonia has the highest
literacy rate in the world, and as of 2012, Estonia is
ranked third in the world in freedom of the press,
first in Internet freedom, third in the world in IT legal
acts, and second in the world in Internet access in
the Czech republic comes in second
followed by Sweden.


Education does wonders, that explains why the Vatican keep the masses ignorant for long, and in the Americas, during the slavery era, any slave who knew how to read or write was killed.

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China has the largest population of atheists



religion ni ya masufferer…


apart from the government the Catholic Church has the highest concentration of schools in kenya…

missionaries were the first to establish schools in Africa…

lf religion is for the poor why am i richer than you?

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Take a look at that chart again. It will answer your question.

I think I read somewhere that Internet is free in Estonia…high speed internet

Internet there is the highway to hell :slight_smile:


Because its paved with good porno?


Literacy does not equal wisdom. They may have the knowledge but short of wisdom

I find it intriguing how atheists are always quick to fight religion. Pretty much just how muslims fight christianity…Are you that insecure about what you believe? What irks you when people believe in a God? After all, isn’t it clearly termed as ‘faith’? It’s based on belief. So whatever one believes, how does it affect an atheist?

Atheists wana machungu kila tym. Don’t direct your frustrations in life to people who believe in a supreme being. Kama u don’t, kazi ni yako hyo. Kaa na maarifa yako.


A literate person will make more informed decisions on average.

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Most don’t. In most cases especially in Kenya people die to get literate to get money. Check the most tribal comments and insults all over the social medias, yet the people behind it are literate. Our national and county governments are full of literate people but you can see what is happening… in short, knowledge ≠ wisdom


Peleka maoni zako huko------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> kwa my daily atheist meme

umeongea kenye nilikua nataka kusema

Knowledge = wisdom. They are making money when you are seated there whining. Get me a job at the county gava… even if you call me stupid, mara tribalist, or unwise… i don’t care

Watu wanaenda jehanamu.

Wisdom is not guided by selfishness.