The A$$ HUNTER: beginning

“We ndiye Kevo” she asked me. Sikumbuki kitu nilijibu. I swear akili yangu ilikua inafikiria kuhus vitu zake. Dame mwenyewe alikua amesimama, kifua mbele, 8gb server nyuma, figure haikua sawa coz ilikua zile tyre za wakikuyu but sura ili-sell vizii. Skin tone ilikua ile yello burn yenye hunichizisha, glasses kwa macho, lipstict ya purple na ngozi nyororo. Akuna vyenye ningeskia io swali coz nikua nafanya esabu mob kwa kichwa.“uyu lazima ana miaka kama mbao…akai kua na mtoto…”. I swear akili yangu ilikua ishamvua nguo

Before she could call me aunt, i regain consciousness. Nikakumbuka nilitumwa na auntii nimchukulie mbocha before i could get back to the capital city. her name was veronica. a name i will never forget. i guided her to our upcountry home where she waited for me to get ready. we travelled back to Nairobi and obviously i had to get her number.

One friday afternoon she invited me over. “anti yako hawezi kuja, ako job…kuja tu”… under no circumstance could i not accept the offer. My accounting class was so boring anyway especially on a hot afternoon. I left the class boarded a matatu, karibu nishuke nifungue jam.

Glass juice on the table, i could stop staring at it. questions crossed over my mind. where do i start? what do i say? how do i put it on (the condom i bought on my way). she moved never to me and like a fish eager to swim in water, kiss my lip. Her skin felt hot. my finger run all over her, neck, back then down to her ass before going to her chest.

I could not open my eyes. i was lost in a whirling river of ectasy. the throb in my pants was unbearable as i rubbed her clit. lips still locked on each other like stamp on envelope. she was already done with my zip and shirt before she guided me to the bedroom. " vaa hio cd" she said noticing i did not know what to do after we were both naked.

i felt like exploding. this was a new drug i had not tasted. my heart raced fast as i picked up pace. she moan with every thrust. her nails anchored on my back and piercing me with the momentum. my hand holding the headboard to make my hips stable. er legs lock on my waist to stop me fro shaking. Moaning… sweating…panting…fucking…scream!!

By the time i regain strength , she was still sleeping on my arm. peacefully breathing on my chest hair. my hers was still racing, i couldnt explain this feeling but it was too sweet to be a one time thing. i had finally done what i had seen on porn movies. i had started a journey of sexual escapade and she had taken away my ignorance as well as virginity. and the adventure began.

Wakumbwa ati mlisema nini kuhusu Galana_Kulalu?

what is galana kulalu

Hello Sir,

Concerning your extraordinary claims as evident on your post,KenyaTalk Bureau of Standards (KTBS) demands immediate presentation of the following bare minimums:

Smoke Signals,Fossil Records,SQL Server Logs ,WI-FI Password,PowerPoint Presentation,Thermal Nuclear Images,X-Rays,
Browser History,
Chemical Trails,DNA Sketches,Rock Paintings,Leaving Certificate,Litmus Paper, Biometric Voter Registration System (BVR),Finger Prints,M-Pesa Statements,Big Bang Theory,Screen Lock Pattern,GPS Coordinates,FLAC Audio files

Failure to which you will remove 3 very fat mbulls for elders to eat in order to appease their demons for the unforgivable Taboo you have committed.

Your Skeptic,

KenyaTalk Bureau of Standards (KTBS)

i will even give you the number of the teeth in my mouth, number of fingers used to type, shirt worn when typing, serial number of the seat i was sitting on and number of vifungo on the shirt

I spend most of time pale tech section the others i spend looking for or giving out sweeps, of late they are inadequate . Thank you

Hii ni mwea irrigation scheme. Tungojee bei ya mchele ishuke

no sketch otherwise null and void

…hata sasa haujui kile unatuambia. Bila effidense

…am dead! Even NASA haikuweza pata such amount of effidence!