The 5000 strong chinese army powering the SGR

Is this the point where we say we are fucked up. Executives are driven in top of the range bullet proof fuel guzzlers and are under 24hour armed police guard

Why don’t we start with who you voted for in August & October 2017 so we can taylor our responses accordingly.

If you have someone who can cook Chinese food and can speak some little Chinese there’s a job opening.

I voted for baba.I’ve always done so

yet kila mtu alicheka when the orange guy said “we’ll build a wall and they will foot the bill”.Good work kenyans

Hiyo ya security ni ukweli, I have seen them come for meetings in a hotel I work, you would think it is some senior government minister, unauliza unaambiwa machingu wa SGR.

Chinese akitaka kupikiwa humbwa wewe mwafrika utachinja na upike kweli?

From the article:

more than 1,100 civil engineers,
about 200 bridge engineers,
150 Railway engineers,
over 120 translators,
about 100 accountants,
at least 90 architectural engineers,
over 85 electrical and mechanical engineers, more than 80 electricians,
about 50 Chinese cooks,
over 30 administration officers
and 15 dietitians.

The Chinese imported their staff for obvious reasons, to make the work easier and faster for them.

T& C’s of the almost 400bn loan apply

We are being shafted because every leader is applying divide and rule which the chinko are taking advantage of. We don’t like working systems we seek and destroy, like the governors want immunity from prosecution, Raila negotiated for a piece of the pie to benefit a portion of his cronies. The political class should put its act together. The chinese are playing a bad game where we will need them even after the contractual period.

Sad indeed

this is worse than being shafted by the 1’s in gafamed

We need a new leader strong enough to say that any salary paid to a non essential Chinese should be deducted from loan due and who will do away with the billion a month shafting. And for the usual ‘who you voted for’ crowd, let me state that given the same choices, I would not change my choice. Rat is just if not more corrupt and let’s not forget that he would have facilitated the 10% wanjigi fee on top of this

And you think if we had voted in Babuon as you so prayed things would have been different?! Have you listened to your MP Peter Kaluma all the way from Russia??:D:D It was a matter of the lesser evil

You Kaleos are really dumb. We are still reeling from the 24 years of that fool Moi and your tribesmen.

By the way Kaluma is not my MP.

Have cuzos that went to St. Patrick’s Iten back in the day, was much younger than them, the rants about your tribesmen backwardness was on another level. Until you’ve now brought your foolishness and further erased all doubt.

You guys need to concentrate on rearing and selling Mogotio goats. Governance and civility is way above your pay grade.

The Chinese are bringing lots of goodies and freebies for us, Just ignore these trivialities and bear with us.

Hii SGR ata 100m per month haiwezi ingiza,then inakula 1b each month,we are being shafted HKMBL

You think? :D:D:D

[SIZE=7]Tano tena, KUMI fresh.[/SIZE]

So when we honestly ask of those that want Ruto as the 5th PORK, what exactly is he bringing to the table that will benefit Kenyans yet he is part of this shafting? Do you know how much he got in kickbacks from the SGR deal? Choppers are not cheap you know. :D:D:D


Ni sawa tu. We’re very backward. Nyinyi na akili yenyu mingi mbona hamjaweza kua PORK? Wachungaju wa mbuzi wanawatawala. Ujinga yako ni kufikiri watu bado wanachunga mbuzi. Even if they were, at least they’re doing on THEIR farms. No time for squeezing themselves in slums. Akili ya kuchunga ngombe ilifanya ancestors to settle of prime highlands. Endelea kuosha washosho bila kusumbua. Machungu ya RWNBP kubali yaishe. He will never

Ndio ujue you’re an irredeemable sycophant, your way would’ve involved Wanjigi and his good buddy Babuon getting a decent cut. That would have been a lesser evil, yes?


Mtu akishindwa na discourse result to matusi. As your gOd Ruto is now realizing that yule mjamaa wa tendawili has rocked his boat. Kaleos are really dumb.

Anyway. Fact. Kenya’s number one forex earner is now remittances, that long surpassed tourism, coffee and tea eexports. Hapana dharau those Kenyans abroad that do those kind of jobs that earn an honest living and by extension are supporting their families and extended ones too from hio unadharu and live more lavish lives than you can imagine.

Now from your post is the reason why we as a nation are still trying to get out of that hole of Kaleo stupidity. You get me?