The 5-minute Wife Material Challenge

You are in the market for a wife. If you only had 5 minutes from when you meet every woman to decide whether she’s a keeper, utaangalia nini?

EDIT: Aside from the obvious physical signs of a kunguru we have all agreed on hapa kijiji.

If she is vaksin8d. If she is, pass.

Tattoo, bleached skin ,piercings, anklet chewing carelessly, makucha ya kubandika,phone addiction, loud and cantankerous

Hii swali rudisha kwahiyo Soko


What does it mean akitafuna kama mbuzi? Ama it’s just a turn off?



Yeah …
That’s what it is … :D:D

Bro, if she is hot all red flags look green…

Tattoo na kutumia simu sana. Kama anabebanga charger automatic red flag

Pump and dump

If I have a car, open the door for her. What she does next tells you her reciprocity. Learnt this from the Godfather… or some Italian movie…?
Ask her a few questions kupima akili and her world view. This will weed out extreme feminists and ensure she ticks some of your boxes.

Wacha nikusaidie…
It takes months probably years to know someone’s character

Doc, if you don’t know what you need to search for hata upewe years, utablunder bado.
If you can comfortably take it, sometimes stress test these relationships for quicker results.

5 minutes? No wonder mkitombewa munajinyonga

unamupee slow computer with slow internet

Beba yeye and if she touches your car’s radio dials to adjust the volume or asks you to change your choice of music playing huyo si wife material.

Mnajisumbua na these creatures, hao wenyewe hata hawajijui. They are all the same.


akikasirika aanze kugongesha mouse na kuslap monitor, ingia karura