The 2024 Prado imefika

Yes, in power and fuel consumption.

But the Petrol is far far better and cheaper in terms of maintenance. The 2TR is a very solid engine.

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Ziko area tayari mdau…

Looks masculine sio mbaya

Labda performance. Otherwise maintenance is easier on petrol

I thought diesel is good for torque while petrol is good for power ama physics nilisomea kwa dirisha?

Same have seen afew with waria

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Looks like FJ cruiser


I used power abit casually there. Yes, it’s torque. The Diesels pull better than that 2TR. The 4.0 V6 Petrol is almost as good though.

80 series still got better looks and can still perfom better. wacha waria na deep okuyus wajibambe na new models.

its more of Toyota FJ cruiser for me

They discontinued the Toyota fj cruiser and switched names to Toyata Land cruisers Prado ;but it’s basically the same car … an fJ cruiser.