The 2023 Range Rover sport. Wanaume tumeisha!

Now, the technology and design are absolutely breathtaking. However, the only thing i seem to take up issue with is the front bumper lip that looks like an additional standard body kit.
that was not what caught my eye though. We are done with the age of male-dominated fields and I for one never believed the fairer sex could beat me in such. I am no misogynistic imbicile though. So Jessica, stunt-drove it. She is a motorsports driver and here it goes, a lesbian.
in my opinion alot is going on here. Feminization, ,homosexuality, you name it. But
The new Range Rover Sport has made its global premiere, marking the third generation of Land Rover’s luxury performance SUV. It is thus far the most technologically advanced and capable yet, mixing an imposing road presence with instinctive driving responses using the most advanced combination of chassis technologies ever fitted to a Land Rover.
To prove its capabilities, Land Rover put it to the test of driving from a canyon riverbed to the summit of the flooded spillway of the Karahnjukar Dam in Iceland, the biggest of its kind in the world. The spillway was designed to direct water from the dam, flowing at a rate of 750 tons per minute. Any loss of traction in the water would risk sending the new Ranger Rover Sport plunging down the perilous 90m drop at the base of the spillway to the valley floor below. The 294m stretch of spillway rises at 40-degrees and climbs 193 meters, with water cascading down to provide the ultimate test of traction and driver confidence.
Official James Bond stunt driver, Jessica Hawkins, was behind the wheel for the successful spillway ascent. It tops Land Rover’s previous feats that include a record-setting hill-climb at Pikes Peak, a first recorded crossing of the ‘Empty Quarter’ desert in the Arabian Peninsula, and a first ascent of the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate.

What a car. Damn! If Range Rover was a woman, she’d be extremely beautiful with amazing sex. But demanding a lifestyle of decadent opulence. “No money, no honey baby”, she’d shamelessly proclaim. You’ve never felt the joys of driving, till you sit inside a Range Rover cabin. All other cars around start to look like peasant’s toys.

Where’s the video?

this is more impressive than the spillway

A fuckin’ beauty.

Jaribu Merc GLS.

What they don’t tell you is how many rangerovers they tried before they pulled this off ! This cars and landrovers are quite unreliable, checkout unbiased channels on youtube for the real range rover and land rover experience ! Utaona they are just good at marketing !

Ukijaribu kuleta hii KRA watakupiga ngeta pale kwa port ushangae.

90% of the people who buy these “offroad vehicles” never take them offroad. Ni kuendesha tu kwa lami nyweee. Hizi ni marketing gimmicks kama simu ya 200 megapixels. By 2030, gari moja itakua na hundreds of sensors, utakuwa unatravel kutoka Nairobi to Mombasa unajifunika na blanketi ukiwa tu kwa driver’s seat…unalala mpaka ikuamshe kukuambia imefika, ama kukukumbusha uchukue takeaway kwa stopover. There’ll be no fun in driving. Heneway, this is just one of those poor people proverbs.

ona maybach s-class


But where exactly is the fun in driving from Nairobi to Mombasa?? People drive because they have to, not because it’s fun.

Where do you get your info? Range Rover is one of the most unreliable cars on this planet. Everyday you wake up to a possible failed fuse or component that disabled the car. Unreliable suspension. Slipping belts which destroy the engine….

I have come to realize that people have a habit of labeling a brand as unreliable after they try to cut corners and it backfires badly. You will never see a person who services a Range Rover according to the manufacturer’s guide complaining about unreliability. Range Rovers require deep pockets and most buyer’s pockets are not deep enough to afford maintaining the car after buying it. You can’t blame a car if you are not rich enough to service it according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Most buyers expect to service a range rover with a Toyota budget and then label the vehicle as unreliable. The truly wealthy people have been driving Range Rovers for decades without complaining because they can afford to maintain the car. Wannabes buy the car and tap out one year later, and then blame the vehicle instead of themselves for writing cheques they can’t cash.

If I’m wealthy enough, I will buy a Range Rover without blinking - the SV Autobiography long wheelbase. Otherwise, a lexus will do na nikubali hali yangu. People should just accept that they aren’t rich enough to afford certain luxuries instead of throwing shade at those luxuries.

Chafua mecho. Jengeni kenya nugu hizi:D:D:D:D:D

People who purchase Range Rovers are those who can’t erase the memories of pre-90s Range Rovers. The power, comfort and reliability combined. But even the moneyed cannot dare purchase one without a warranty. You can have a G class Merc as a reliable daily driver, but not a Range. All Range Rover owners have a second vehicle to drive when the Range is at the repair shop. Where it spends a lot of time.

Tired line tumechoka kuiskia year in year out. No one who can truly afford one cares. That’s why I said she requires decadent opulence. You can afford to send her off to the garage as your chaffeur readies the Mercedes. She may be high maintenance, but my God is she worth the trouble.

Sio kila saa Range bana, kuna SUVs zingine


Lamborghini URUS

cadillac Escalade—skiza price, akifika Kenya sida

Aha. The reliable Mercedes?

Speak for yourself, some actually enjoy it.

What’s your obsession with reliability though? :D:D