The 2 corona groups


True dat

What about those that dont give two shïts over what happens? Wakae wapi?

You are unvaccinated, of course.

I cannot deny nor confirm your question,people are forced to vaccinate to keep their jobs and support their family,others lost it all together and to get another job might require a jab,some are contemplating weather or not to get the jab,others dont want it at all,go figure

The only person who won’t deny or confirm is one who hasn’t gotten it, when they had the option to. With the way things are going, it’s soon going to be a requirement. And the Pfizer ceo said he foresees a situation with a variant that vaccines can’t stop.


corona is essentially an urban sickness afflicting wazees. those like me in the cold rural highlands have less to worry so long as we stay mostly at home. vaccination nyeff nyeff iendee walio ma-town. here i have a wide selection of forest roots and leaves that dont interfere with sijui mrna dna or whatever.

Hii vaccine mimi nilisema sidungwi ng’o.