The 12 Known Regimes

278 pages… my fren

Naeza taka ku-dance hii na @Mrs Shosho

worth your time, print it uwekee watoto

Nasoma bado… niko pg 4

@Meria Mata wee ni mtu wa maana

Thaaai Thathaiya Ngai Thaai

Meria, I usually take any oral story passed down after the mzungu came in with a lot of suspicion. Hii story ya Wangu wa Makeri has too many versions and all of them make her look like the heroine for rebelling against Kikuyu culture. I feel it’s like they’re intentionally divisive. Furthermore, any chief that was appointed by the colonial administration was not really a traditional chief any more IMO. I prefer to look for old old Kuyo men for these stories. One finds that even the context of what was going on is usually heavily misinterpreted.

Same with Shaka’s story.

soma hio pdf nimeweka hapo


Mimi ni remnant of ndemi,tall ,muscular and fearless, na tuko kwa Bible katika kitabu ya Genesis

6 ft of tough muscle and bone

Nice stuff. I miss what we lost after whites fucked us with their colonisation.

I have always heard of Ndemi na Mathathi…were they age groups or something?

yes, remember how our stories of giant always begun
“tene tene muuuno mbere ya Ndemi na Mathathi ri, kwari …”