The 100

Last 10 minutes have been the most epic scene i have seen in any series so far.
CW shows are the best hands down.

Hope the last of the human race find their humanity in the new planet with 2 suns

Why arent claire and bellamy together anyway?
Hope season 6 will have a plot twist , encounter with aliens …
I really get carried by the universe , galaxies , new planets…
Flat earth etc

there is no universe nor galaxy nor planets nor aliens…but the earth is flat

Watch soap opera zako kwa amani. Umewaste mbandos zangu na hii kitu. Season 1 was one of the worst things I have ever watched.

niaje homo kabrass


The series is good :cool::cool:

@SledgeHammer Ile sweep umechapwo leo ya mkate na sijui mtoi akitoka teke imenitia imani sana. Pole I see u recovered well

sijaona hio sweep. au labda nimeblock ghasia ilituma

It was one of your threads, ilikuwa rough msee hebu niitafute

she’s not called claire you dunderhead she’s called clark… puga!!

Two suns really…

So you are a fan.
Hows the finale, Did you pour tears like i di

A series you should only watch when you have nothing better to do.

House MD ending ndio sad as hell but probably the best Series I have watched in a long time.

Sande sana karibu nibuy bandols niidownload

Tastes zetu zinaweza kuwa different lakini. Wacha nikupatie synopsis: Earth imekuwa inhabitable so humans wanaenda space. After some years wakatuma 100 teenagers kicheki kama Earth imekuwa habitable. Kama unapenda Teenage drama a là Vampire Diaries but Mad Max style (without the cars) itakubamba. I regret watching it.

achanga kuskiza watu… hio serie iko fine thank you

Itabidi nmeiwatch alafu ata mimi niwe na opinion yangu pia