That's my bestie..

I have had this friend from way back in campus, I was this wide eyed, socially awkward, intimidated, scrawny boy with a horrible fashion sense and a not too high selfesteem sitting in a hall listening to this bushy bearded prof, dean of students, rumbling on and on about some irrelevant ish, this was our orientation to campus, then someone taps me on the back, kuangalia nyuma! Ooh my! This gorgeous beauty with a spackling smile and a perfect dental formula…she waves and wiggles her fingers and she’s like hiiiii! I froze! I feebly said hi…fast forward the chick is my desky, and my bestie, she’s giving me hints that she wants this to be more than friendship but I’m acting oblivious of her little hints, so we just remained friends. One day my buddy from highschool hollas and he’s like let’s meet in town, drinks on me, we kuja na wanawake… Now this guy is from a bloody wealthy family, his parents passed on just as we were finishing KCSE, now him and his brother are at the head of this massive business empire. At that period he was cruising in a Prado Vx, cool car with screens on the front sits, he’s a midget, vertically challenged, not the smartest academically but extremely street smart…Looks…he won’t get a second look until he pulls up in one of his big juggernuts. Back to my story, the guy pulls up in his vx and picks me and my band of females up and we head to tao, Tukiwa tao the guy orders Amarula by the bottle and JD for us, by mid night the females are horny and high and as a good friend nikamchapia back pass ya bestie kiozil. That’s how the chick was introduced to the good life! From there on wards she became a baller, wearing designer and over that period she Metamorphosed into a gorgeous beauty queen. She dated my midget friend. The guy sponsored him to run for FC and she won, a charmer per excellence, that meant she finally had her hand in the campus cookie jar. Akaskumia me and my boys tender ya kurun students center…Now I became the official side kick, she moved to wealthier guys, every weekend ilikua cruising to Naivasha or costo in a some poweful Juggernaut, me being the ‘cousin’ she cant leave behind nimekaa back sit, one easter we drove all the way to Dar with one of her old gizzers, good times! The good thing is I got a lot of pussy thrown my way by association, when chiks see you hopping out of a big machine you automatically become a hot cake. The chick would sit behind me during exams and she would pass me her a mwakenya which was always on point, the good thing is non of the invigilators fucks with a beautiful and powerfuish chick… Thats how our names ended up on top of the graduation list. Fast forward the chick is a bid deal, riding all those rich old geezers wasn’t for nothing, she now runs a huge marketing operation, she’s rich for a chick her age but she ain’t the pretty little thing she once was, infact now she intimidates men. I ain’t doing too badly either… Now she’s throwing me the little hints once more, sometimes I think I should take the bait and we will make a beautiful, beautiful baby, I mean she’s beautiful, intelligent, smart, … What else would one need.

you played second fiddle…maintain ua lane



To answer your question of “what else would one need?” I can recommend having a seat at @ introvert’s English course. Osungu.dill has been violated here

Seriously? as in you are okay with a whore being the mother of your child? That unborn kid does not deserve you two as parents

You still ugly


Hehe, I typed on phone…

a sound track to the dream would be perfect

Haha as suspected, you’re Lame.

@introvert convoy ya tata ikuje

all over sudden…hata hiyo ni phone?

You need to wake up

Ati campus? njeri everybody here knows you have zero reasoning capacity! class 2 drop out hivi !

…The pot calling the kettle black!

…Uketi ----------------------------------->>>>>>>>

osungu. dill ni nini?

Kwani hunaga marafiki wa bar uwapeage story kama hizi. Kwanza maliza kuchimba septic BrarryFoo!!

With ur osungu I think you attended kariguini university or you are high on something nasty.

hi, umepotelea wapi?


sema , otherwise ? niaje ? itakuwaje ? oriena ?

Nipo, nimeketi huko nyuma nikingoja the final episode of ‘chokosh wars’