That one song that strikes a chord in your soul ?

Lightning, by Mortimer

heaven by the late Tim berling from his 2019 posthumous self titled album Tim often stylised a TiM

12600 letters, Franco luambo makiadi

Weka yutube yake na ile kimpa kisangameni

Its got Coldplay as well! those guys are legends too,

Musuri sana Elder, Classics always appreciated

Asante mdau

Wueh! 5 seconds in and i know the groove’s gonna be tighter than niniiii…:D:D

o_O. Thank you. The soul in this one…eishhh

Hii nkiskia roho inatulia nakunywa cognac polepole

Wacha tu. That’s the best 28 minutes you’re going to enjoy in your life. And the trumpets and horn are on another level. Fela was a music genius! The message is also real.

welcome to Afro Jazz.

Then you’re going to love this kaka

Salute Elder,