That Mansion

Houses/Mansions are good luxuries to have. But do not make the mistake of thinking that they are assets. A house does not put money in your pocket, it takes money from it. I realized that people with houses as their main “asset” tend to dispose them when they hit a rough patch. Heck, even during periods of global financial crises, the inventory of houses on sale increases sharply as everyone rushes out. If disaster strikes and the only thing you have is the house you live in, its only a matter of time before you list it or move out and rent it out (for peanuts). You will crunch the numbers and conclude it is smarter to sell it than rent it out like many before and after you.

As for Kamotho’s widow, may she get well soon and recover both healthwise and financially.


i agree with your sentiments.

I will build when im in my 60s, a small 2 bedroom after investing heavily in cash flow assets. Until then ill rent.

Hapo utapata watoto wa Kanus parrot wame reduce legacy ya mzee to shreds kwa sherehe na upus, Kamotho must have been a billionaire considering Biwott was one too.

Pesa ya wizi wacha ikuliwe

Ukweli mtupu renting is always more convenient than buying a house… plus it keeps you on your toes


Yap. Ya wizi huwa inaburuka kama iko na mabawa.

Renting does not make sense kwa mtu amejijenga. Such a person can justify owning the mansion because he is well-insulated against financial trouble. Lakini kwa mtu anajijenga pole pole, renting is smarter than owning on condition that you invest the money in other cash generating ventures.

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I’ve come to conclude that you have a very narrow mind, especially when it comes to finances.

You speak so much of a topic you have very shallow understanding.

ie. Umejaa na Peasant proverbs.


Narrow mind is understatement. Hii kazi ni copy pasting mharooo.

Mdau vile unga ya ugali ilikuwa 230. Ulipunguza ration ya kuon ama uliendelea na ile ration?
Ulikuwa gakima kanini na túmatharoo.

Kulikuwa kubaya sana mundu wa nyumba… Nilikuwa naweka matharo ya 5 kwa mukura ya ngima juru angalau idanganye minyoo

@Jimit kuja Saidia brown skin makende nakanyagwa

Yea you can build a house
But don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Jenga pole pole while also investing na si lazima uingie ikiwa fully done
Iyo pesa ingine invest in short term and long term assets while ensuring you also have some liquid cash incase of anything

Why does he keep repeating the same thing over and over? Ni low self esteem? Psychologists say that if you see a person talking quite a lot, its his inner child begging to be recognized

Matharo ni nini?

Mboga ya kienyeji.

If only I cared about your conclusions.