That Friday when you start getting shit faced from midday..


Leo hujachotwa upelekwe kwa mansion? :smiley:


Ferk you, which mansion?:smiley:

Niaje Bootz. Huko TZ kukoje?

Kukopoa sana bruh! Dar is a nice blend of Nairobi and Mombasa, fast paced, but not too fast, beautiful places to visit, but not too touristy…raha but not too much. Beach…

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wacha kujifanya umesahau vile mwanaume alikuchota sometime ago

With niceness and sweetness :smiley:

umeanza mapema hivi

Sikujua you little disgusting midget harbors lots of faggot fantasies, we were talking business, small boys like you can’t relate…:smiley:

Was their in Dec was hard to live that place the multicultural back drop is epic.White bitches…latin …chinks fuck i was lucky when i was their was kina Ay and some crew from states where around at the nyam chom place.Dope night was with hiphop lovers no gas hats …people where on stage doing their shit on some real level shit.Loved it fucking feel jealous[ATTACH=full]116804[/ATTACH]

Inasound poa sana. Mtu husahau vile kuna chaos Nairobi until utoke alafu urudi.

Boss that is pinpoint description of the little fagget…Ngoja amalize kulamba sufuria ya uji arudi na matusi.

Savage… You are the real mbomb…hiyo sweep ni kali:D:D:D

I do not know how someone becomes a snitch lakini wacheni nifanye training hapa…
@Mzee mzima naona hapa umetusiwa kidogo… Hata afadhali yule mzee hukuita Son.

Ati what?
ION, bootiez umekaa sana hio mtaa kwani ilishinda jackpot?

Double entendre!!!

Representing the pinkies … Enjoy your Friday ya’ll [ATTACH=full]116901[/ATTACH]