That call can wait

don’t use your phone when crossing the road [SPOILER=“”][/SPOILER]




Those idiots who gave her the way to cross the road share the blame ! Alway flag down the drivers on your right warning them of pedestrians crossing the road …very common on our roads , you give pedestrians way to cross the road and motorcycle clear them right there !


Siiiettt… Ama kutumia earphones…


Yani thrown like a rag doll.
I echo @kasaman 's sentiments up there.


Holy sweet Jesus!!! ameluswa kama kalatac

Drive along Superhighway and see for yourself careless crossing by pedestrians, and where? Right under a foot bridge.


WTF!! I can stand idiots who drive with earphones listening to God knows what!!! How the fuck do you concentrate with earphones in your ears ???


Shit happens.

sometimes ni kama kifo huita mtu …you see the footbridge but decide to run across the highwway like a headless chicken


Ati ni multitasking, young ladies like this. They can’t simply call back, hata kama anashuka gari, she will pick that call

If you decide to give way to cross, make sure you also flag down motorists/riders coming down the blind spot!!!

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Oh tae tae tae tae …yaani amerushwa kama ball

If only the concerned government agencies could reveal the statistics on THIKA superhighway !

Hadi inabidi some sections ziwekwe ile barbed wire inakaanga coiled and serated & and some ninjas will still manage to cross.

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Waaah nahii dashboard Cam naona niyamaana sana
In reference to the last post where pedestrians were faking accidents… Ntaja weka nikipata gari

I disagree on this one. If a pedestrian is stupid enough to cross a road when on call, my responsibility ends at avoiding to hit them but I am not responsible for their safety after that.

Why give way if that will cause an accident …your right ends the moment you cause accident, even you can die