Tharaka nithi development?


Huyu gafana ni meffi sana… And he has some inflated ego… Anyway atarudishwa tena come 2022. Black stands to be inferior and full of mediocrity. Humans forget easily than warthogs.


Sisi tulirogwa…

Huu ujinga mtaacha lini? There is a context to everything. What is the context to this launch? Who even says that these diverse pictures are related?

Hii ujinga ya fake news na utoto mwingi muache nugu nyinyi…

The picture of the governer on top of his moti might not be related but that toilet is real than motherfucker…

I hate these meffi governors with a passion!

In Ndeiya, such a toilet will cause a queue and a riot as citizens try to get a glimpse of an enclosed space thing that swallows your maigoya after you shit.

Leo hata any kenyan leader alaunch panty yake ama alaunch socks will still get a section of kenyans supporting it with a reelection maybe
Kenyans arè fuckked ip