Tharaka Nithi 213,154 voters

This famous county has a total of 213,154 voters as per the current IEBC register. Baba mwana na roho anataka only 100k of those. Talking to the people on the ground, wananiambia he will get a good number in the Tharaka area. This is the area where the county HQ’s are located and the people there support the current gavana who’s running on a Narc Kenya ticket. They also have a bone to pick especially with the DP Ruto coz he once insinuated that the HQ’s should be in Chuka County (which makes alot of sense by the way) and also recently when the President and DP visited the county the DP went ahead to endorse Muthomi Njuki as gavana, from where I was seated I could hear loud murmurs. DP Ruto anafaa kucheza chini sometimes, he’s too aggressive. It will be interesting to see how the stronghold County plays out this time around. [ATTACH=full]114806[/ATTACH]

Nithi are more of Embu and some Merus here and there and are yet to say if they are moving from strongholds to swings. Hapa baba should concentrate on the western front to secure 95%

Tharaka nithi tuko jubilee blood otherwise kulift poster ya BABA 1k ikiingia nani hukataa free money… 95%kura kwa ouru



How is “Wamatanka” faring in the senatorial race?

fair enough, but he will get some good votes ata kama si 100k. Gavana Ragwa was gracious enough to accompany the President to every stop he made, it would only be courteous for Ruto to avoid rubbing it on him like that.

Nithi borders both the Embu and Meru counties but they have their own identity, even the language id distinct. And also amongst themselves, they identify with their different dialects , Gichuka, Githaraka, Gichogoria/Mwimbi.
The area which is clearly a swing is Tharaka area. But Igamba Ng’ombe and Maara are LOCKED.

Atabwagwa na Kindiki.


Jubilee are astonished by the popularity of Raila in these Embu/Meru regions and have been busy with propaganda that Raila needs to “concentrate on his home counties of western & siaya” …Yesterday I watched youths saying “uhuru must go” in meru and I knew that Jubilee has lost a stronghold county

Tharaka nithi is in jubilee 100%,btw the current governor is very unpopular there.

Hapa muthomi njuki atachukua by 9 am

Ragwa is corrupt, thats a given, but still has an advantage over Muthomi in terms of having the support of people from his home area of Maara and the people of Tharaka where the County Hq’s are. Muthomi on the other hand has 100% support of the people of Chuka. So i guess it won’t be a smooth ride for Muthomi as you say.

Any where near 100k votes out of Nithi for baba is a dream. Ndoto! Akienda sana 10k. Last I checked current governor was running under maendeleo chap chap and he is going home.

He he he, kula kwa Naswa, kura kwa Jubilee.
Watajua hawajui.

He no longer enjoys support from his people because he has failed. There are also issues with him being given orders by a certain woman huko county headquarters. It is alleged he cannot sneeze without her permission.

Do tell young lady, do tell.

nangojea kuona kama munya atarudi. Nani anajua vile ground inaenda? nataka niwekelee betting

You want to bet? Not sure about Meru but i have a feeling Meru,Isiolo,Machakos,Uasin Gishu,Bomet,Nairobi, governor race will go to Supreme Court. Hard to call and big headed fellows competing it does not seems likely anyone of those will be defeated and conceded without a court fight.

Alikaliwa chapati

Can you support your assumptions?