Thank you

To the thousands of Machakos residents who turned out in their hundreds of thousands for Muthama’s home coming at Mulu Mutisya grounds.

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Hundreds of thousands…,!!! math is a bisch


Huko hata millions ni possible…the locals get amused by anything that comes their way…utawapata wamesimama kwa msee wa kuuza zile movie za dj wakiwatch movie…


Hiyo kaunda ya Raila ni noma

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Na mbona ‘baba’ amevaa kama game ranger ama ni juu alikuwa ameenda kuwinda wakamba?


Homecoming from being arrested after a hate speech spat? Isn’t this a mockery?


Is it me or is the picture of the crowd pichadukad? Crowd kuna mahali inafika half-way the resolution inachange…hapo juu ya vichwa za hizo mbuzi mbili Kamelon na Wetshit…


Monkeys are funny and they attract many onlookers!


I have passed through these gardens. There is NO WAY 10,000 can fit there - leave alone 100,000.

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Na si 5 millioni walikuwa Nakuru a month ago. So leo hundreds of thousands hawawezi fit Mulu Mutisya?

prisms. it all depends on which side you are looking from. it could be white light on one side or a rainbow on the other…

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Hizi homecoming huwa upus gani sasa?

Lakini kalonzo kana sema nini sasa??

Si ungesema tu millions or the usual mammoth crowds?

C’mon, c’mon, do the silly dance!!

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Kwa sababu ametoka msituni.

-W.S. Arap Ruto, 2016.

Ilikua 5million plus one, get your facts right homz

Sorry my bad.

At least they chose a Sunday to do this nonsense. The joke is that these people do not believe in prayers and used to ridicule Jubilee’s ICC rallies.


hahaha CORD Principals