Thank you Obama we love you so much..

Its been a while lads, ive been a lil bit under the weather. Anyway i just wanted to express a sincere gratitude to the outgoing POTUS and wish him good health. Thank you very much for champio ing for the rights of minorities and thank you so much for spreading the gospel of inclusion.
I must also acknowledge the fact that LGBTQ community in Kenya has grown to an all time With the capital alone having close 1M. And through USAID, we have been empowered economically with an average household raking in an average of $1000. There is no better time than now to be gay. The immense support we get from NGOs and the gov’s reduced aggression on us favours us…

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He will be wanking to this in a long time.

Good riddance to Obama

He supported this gay shenanigans coz he himself is of questionable sexuality…and when you question it, you end up in a body bag. Ask Joan Rivers. Good Riddance Obama!

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