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PS: Header is not meant to diminish the horror; just to underline how common this has become.

[SIZE=6]One male suspect is in custody, while another “person of interest” has been detained, according to police.[/SIZE]
By Marina Fang

[li]Between eight and 10 people were killed in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday morning.[/li][li]The suspect is 17-year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, law enforcement sources told CBS and NBC News.[/li][li]Police are investigating “explosive devices” found at the high school and surrounding area.[/li][/ul]
At least eight people are dead in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, police said Friday morning.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed at a news conference that one male suspect was in custody and another “person of interest” was detained. Both are believed to be students.

The suspect is 17-year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, law enforcement sources told CBS and NBC News.

There were between eight and 10 fatalities, Gonzalez said, adding that the majority of the fatalities were students. He also said one police officer was injured.
Law enforcement sources told CNN that nine students and one teacher were killed.

Santa Fe High School is still “an active crime scene.” An official confirmed explosive devices were found in the school and the “surrounding areas adjacent to the high school,” urging nearby residents to keep an eye out for suspicious items.
[INDENT]#UPDATE Possible explosive devices have been located at the school and off campus. Law enforcement is in the process of rendering them safe. School has been evacuated. Call 911 if you see any suspicious item. #HouNews #SantaFeISD
11:15 AM - May 18, 2018

NBC affiliate KPRC and ABC affiliate KTRK both reported police and bomb technicians were investigating at least one other location, a residential home several miles from the high school.

School district officials said that at least six people were transported to nearby hospitals for gunshot wounds.

Earlier Friday, school district officials confirmed on their Facebook page that the school was on lockdown, following reports of an “active shooter.” Santa Fe police told HuffPost that officers were on the scene. Officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms announced shortly thereafter they were also responding to the situation.


Students were evacuated from Santa Fe High School Friday morning. The high school serves about 1,500 students, according to statistics reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

Students were being sent to a gym near the elementary and junior high schools, about a mile and a half from the high school, according to the school district.

Three patients with gunshot wounds are at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, hospital spokesman Raul Reyes said at a news conference. One middle-aged adult male patient is in critical condition in the operating room, while two other patients, including one adult woman and one person under 18, suffered gunshot wounds in the leg. The latter two were in “good condition.”

Santa Fe is located about 25 miles northwest of Galveston and 40 miles southeast of Houston. The high school serves about 1,500 students, according to statistics reported to the U.S. Department of Education.

In February, the same school went on lockdown after reports of shots fired. However, after investigating, the police did not find any evidence, and no one was injured, according to local news reports.

Friday’s shooting was the 16th school shooting so far this year, according to a count by The Washington Post. It was also the 10th since the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead and sparked a nationwide conversation about gun violence in America.

Other sources, such as CNN, have even higher tallies, though they use a broader definition of any incident in which a gun was discharged on a school campus.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) tweeted Friday that he was on his way to the school and will provide an update at a news conference Friday afternoon.

At the White House, President Donald Trump called the shooting “a horrific attack.”

“This has been going on too long. Too many years and decades now,” he said at the White House. “We will be with you forever.”
Earlier Friday morning, Trump and first lady Melania Trump both tweeted their condolences about the shooting.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims

Just another day in Murcia nothing new

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I never care who pops the other off in America, such photos make me wish even worse comes their way.

so sad they killed him like a stray dog