Tetu Parents to be summoned for failure to take Children to Sunday School


Atheists will swing into action. Court case in the offing

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Children, pack your bags… We are moving out of Tetu…

I guess now Christians will cite a denomination and obsolve themselse. However, when it’s muslims doing it, it’s the whole religion that is oppressive.

All in all, religions are shi.t.

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There is clear separation of religion and state. If the constitution was followed, prayers should be abolished in school, and also C.R.E.


sunday school is okay we the 80s kids can attest but usi force mtoto aende main service wacha arudi nyumbani aone SINBAD

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Another busybody. Badala ya kufocus on crime and developmental issues, he is acting as God’s prefect.

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I fully support this , it’s the parent’s duty to ensure children go to schools, do homework and provide all social support including spiritual needs . Sio k[SIZE=16px]uzaa tu na kuywa kumikumi ![/SIZE]

I thought there were no children in Nyeri?


Upus and unconstitutional.

what kind of fuckery is this?? If this was happening let’s say place imejaa waislamu umgeskia story how the kids are being radicalized…

This fucker should NOT force parents to take their kids to church… ûyû nî ûmee ûramûthînia

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its simply bullshit. he should be ignored.

Under which law? We should make decisions based on logic, we are not ruled using edicts.