testosterone++ Anyone who knows what is this drug?

Niaje Malisters,

I wont say why I am contemplating buying this supplement/drug. The seller says it can only be shipped and not available in local shops. I tried making an order without making any payments but no confirmation email was sent. everytime i am on the website, i get notifications that other many people (in Kenya ata Meru) are making an order for the product.

Ningependa kujua if there is anyone who has used this or bought it or know of someone who has bought and used before I also buy. Ni natural as they claim it is ama utaanza kukua mkubwa on one side and are they genuine in the 1st place. Mwajua tena chema cha jiuza kibaya cha jitembeza.

sengio sana

uliza Field marshal vile ali tumia hii stuff. Atakujibu vile haja wai kua na erection for 40 years

You need to check your free and total T levels if they are low, then ok. If not, you are probably raising your odds for prostate cancer.

this website reeks of scam …totally fake …but yes testosterone drugs are ok but muone daktari kwanza

Inatumika kufanya nini?

You mean people fall for this shit? Jameni, that’s a plugin they install to create those fake notifications based on locations close to your IP address. Jameni!

[I]This plugin runs beautiful recent sales popups to notify visitors of recently bought items. When visitors are aware that many other customers are buying from this brand, they will be more confident in making the first purchases.

This strategy is suitable for all businesses of any size. Especially, it works incredibly for new stores which haven’t got many orders and customers yet, by allowing store owners to create “fake” notifications to promote any items as hot sellers.

Erectile dysfunction is mostly a symptom of an underlying illness. See the Doc

Go Local and get the same benefits …

Mondia Whitei [ Mukhobero ].


Mukhobero (Mondia Whitei) is a climbing medicinal plant native to West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa.
In Kenya, it is known as Mukombero, and is used as a tea additive to boost sexual stamina, virility and to boost penile size.
It is mostly chewed or ground and mixed with tea. It has a flavor and odor like that of vanilla.
It is a sexual stimulant and enhances ejaculation, resulting in improved sexual performance as well as in stronger ejaculations. Effectively, it is recommended for men who wish to achieve a much more delayed ejaculation and longer erection.
Its pro-ejaculatory effects have been proven by scientific studies and the roots (which are the edible parts) are used to cure impotence and for treating erectile dysfunction.
It has also been proven by scientific studies, to have anti-depressant properties.

Available also in Supermarkets in powder form.


Go to Game supermarket and buy Testo Maximum gh. Same effect but better

Testosterone itafanya ukuwe mtu wa vita

Fanya mazoezi and keep a BMI ya kitu 18 , testosterone itapanda ,punguza stress, alcohol.

I have available powerful Chinese herb formulated as a WHITE PILL. absolutely no side effect! For only kshs. 1000 per pill, consumed half an hour before sexual intercourse and once taken, the drug starts acting by increasing the blood supply to the penis and keeping it straight while preventing even premature ejaculation… Holla at me my broda…

Enda gym mara moja . If you want to be natural Mimi nimemaintain 75kg zangu sitaki kuongeza Wala kupunguza

Inbox details brathee

I was expecting elders like guka to be the kind suffering from impotence, kube vijana wanaumia.

Eat a healthy diet na uchape zoezi. Compound exercises like the deadlift will raise your testosterone naturally. Usiharibu mwili yako no hizi madawa.

:D:D:D I’d read that as, “Go to Tesco…”

And if you start using Testosterone, you have to use it the rest of your life because after one month, you body will permanently stop producing it. Also your body will start producing high amounts of estrogen, so you will get female features, mood swings, etc.

Usisahau man boobs na rasa kubwa, utakua unapatia yule msee Bingwa optical nutrition bure tu, na ukicheza skuma unachuna

Before taking any hormonal drugs in generally, you first need to do a test so as not to harm your body. You can do tests in clinics, but I bought full testing with home testosterone kits and didn’t stand in a queue. After you are convinced that the level of tosesterone is lower, you should consult your doctor and only then get detailed informationt this drug. Frankly, I’ve never heard of this drug, so I can’t help with the description.