So there’s this girl I met on fb a few years ago she was at campus then… I was friend zoned and had nothing to do about it… Time went by and we stopped communicating came to learn later that she got pregnant and dropped out of campus got married and it never worked so she’s back at home with her parents…
Bla Bla Bla…

I’m on whatsapp and a text comes in… Hey hwd?
I check profile its her…

… She wants to meet which I comply and we meet…

Talk talk and later plan to meet again but then at my place… You know… It’s pay back time…

Now the woman is a real cock sucking monster… Woooow I would sell land for that mastery she has of dick sucking bitch ain’t even scared… A real self made hoe, whoring with my cock like an ice cream… Then later rides my cock fucking praising it… And it’s all for free… I’m excited and worried… And feel used and mixture of I don’t know what… I wonder which man throws away such a bitch… Guys… I even don’t know what to call what happened


Ngoja kuekelewa mimba. Nothing is for free baba nanii.

Luwere …Nyasaye akusaidie


Prepare to be called a father in nine months…

@Father Figure
@father Kagwesh
Which father

Best case scenario - You made the bitch pregnant
Worst case scenario - she infected you with HIV

You’re stuck in between a rock and a hard place ma fren

You want to sale land to acquire the mastery of cocksucking ?

Si utafute tu @imei2012 akufunze kunyonya Mboro

For him, it will be less that nine - possibly seven or less.

Eventually umepewa mizoga ule, sasa ushaanza kujigamba…

Ati whoring with my cock like an ice cream


Boss…u can’t be that naive…well maybe ur on the lower end of the learning curve. A woman who once turned you down wasn’t mad when she made that decision. What makes her come back to you is when her plan A fails and ur her plan B or even Z. I once pursued a very attractive lady who kept on turning me down… couple years later ndio huyo ‘please feel free to call me any time’. Hehe…so I call a 26 year old refurbished unit when am always deep in 22 year old paradise?..isorait

Such a woman you ferk with condoms and dissapear .you seem like a dimwit

ushasema yote hapa

Congratulations on becoming a father.

Ulimwaga ndaniiii?

Ulipatiwa kamba ukaamua kujinyonga issorait

saa hii itakuwa free.baada ya kuchat for like 2 weeks utaombwa pesa na mafavours zimejipanga.