Tesla Vision: Interesting Watch


The feeds from the side and front-facing
cameras with Tesla Vision detecting not
only, cars, pedestrians, and lanes, but also free space and road flow are absolutely
fascinating to watch.


kuna places zingine ina stop that I wonder why. Then inapatiana a very big distance with the car ahead, in Nairobi maboys wata overlap waingie hapo

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Think its when a pedestrian is too close to the road and in the cameras angle of view, but they said its machine learning so might get better with time

Tesla ni nini?

A self driving car is as rubbish as having a wife and her shagging herself.

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siwezi trust a self driving car…hii hata hackers wanaeza ku carjack and take you where they want

Does it sound like an electric motor ama can one choose sounds? Monday V8, Tuesday L6, etc.

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By 2019 they will be required to make some form of noise, wanafaa kuweka zote kutoka V8 to McLaren uchague ile unajiskia

A little noise makes stuff safer for pedestrians.

Tangu Garmin GPS navigator inipeleke kwa swamp na haka khadem kaniambie “You have arrived at your destination” yet I was going to a mall, I don’t rreally really trust these things

Niaje Liberty, congratulations are in order

hehehe, they will carjack you while seated in Kamiti prison and lead your car to Ngong Forest… then genge la MTU tisa tokelezeas