TESLA Ni Mikebe. Tesla Model S catches Fire 3 Weeks AFTER Getting Sent To Junkyard

In what sounds like the automotive equivalent of The Walking Dead, a Tesla Model S caught fire three weeks after it was involved in an accident and sent to a junkyard. Firefighters had a difficult time putting out the blaze, and they ended up having to submerge the battery.
Posting on its official Twitter account, the Metro Fire Department of Sacramento explained that it sent crews to extinguish a vehicle fire in a wrecking yard. When they got there, firefighters found a burning Model S that had been wrecked in a non-fire-related accident about three weeks before. Why the electric sedan caught fire after sitting for nearly a month is unclear, but Metro Fire says the Tesla put up a fight.


Firefighters found a creative way to control the blaze: they used dirt to create a pit, placed the burning car in it, and filled it with water. The fire was put out after “well over an hour of firefighting operations,” and it doesn’t look like there’s much left of the Model S or its battery.

I thought with an electric fire you only pour sand on it, no water?

Wazungu more bonobo than us. Electricity and fire don’t mix. Physics/Chemistry 101

This is more of a chemical fire. Burning batteries released flammable gases