Terrarium Forced close fix

Blokada Fix

Download Blokada v3.5 APK File (blokada.org)

Install on your Fire TV/Stick / Media device & Open App (May need to use a Mouse toggle app to turn your remote into a mouse pointer)

Click Blacklisted Sites/Hosts

Click + icon on top right

Click Host button

Input blog.nitroxenon.com & nitroxenon.com

Close App, Close Terrarium

Restart Blokada and enable it

Restart Terrarium

Terrarium should work now

Router Fix

Every router is different, but login to your routers settings, usually by typing into web browser, hit enter.

Find Parental Controls

Input blog.nitroxenon.com & nitroxenon.com

Save & Apply

Morphed app

Tea TV app.

Case closed

Nothing comes close to TTV.

Will give it a shot

Still watching Morpheus TV.

si ilifungwa

I’d give you all a good site that has all series available.



Found Cinema and its in HD and is just as good as terrarium

Cinema is the closest fork we have for TTV. If ttv dies completely then we will have a good alternative