Tentative Interview

What does this mean?My recruiter says shes has sent my CV to the hiring company & they have organized a tentative interview slated on the 14th valentine day!!Its a job that matches my skills,experience & industry.

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14th is still a working day…or what might you be insinuating?

Maybe it’s a date. Where you carry your certificates and a bunch of roses! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yap its a working day.

Inform the recruiter that you need a letter from the hiring company for the above purpose. Thanks.

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It means the interview has been slated for 14th BUT it is not fully confirmed, like 70% confirmed because they have given you a specific date. But if they said the tentative date is before end of the month then its tricky.

This Tentatively is a porn audition interview on valentines…all the best mkubwa


New developments.The Hiring company i.e The Directorate Affairs Manager has just sent me an email saying they have received my CV from the recruitment company and would like to get more details about me. The Manager has attached a Personal History Form with the email message for me to fill and resend it back to them.Finally Manager says she will be calling me next week on Monday/Tuesday(14th or 15th) to talk more about the possibilities of employment with their company.Ktalkers usiseme nimpelekee maua on the date of the interview!!

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not certain or fixed; provisional.
“a tentative conclusion”
synonyms: provisional, unconfirmed, penciled in, iffy, preliminary, to be confirmed, subject to confirmation; More

[li]done without confidence; hesitant.[/li]“he eventually tried a few tentative steps round his hospital room”
synonyms: hesitant, uncertain, cautious, timid, hesitating, faltering, shaky, unsteady, halting; More


Kindly share the recruiter’'s company name. Thanks in advance

All the best in your interview