Tension High As Kikuyus and Luos Fight In Njiru.


Published on Jul 18, 2016
The killing of one man escalated into an ethnic conflict between Kikuyus and Luos in Njiru. Several houses were razed with some of the residents accusing the local administration and leadership of taking sides in the conflict.

Where’s njirus

I mentioned one time kutachafuka next year kenya . And those guys who are burying their heads like it will all be peace I’m sorry.munauwana huko and these mpigs and shafting each others in beds as you burn up yourselves. Shauri yenu

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A CORD politician (not sure who bt he is a big wig) said 2017 hatutarudi Kortini<—What does that tell u? That is a recipe for violence. I was shocked dude was not summoned by akina Kaporo

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You know any new lawyer from bar school will argue that hatutarudi kortini to mean ,hatutarudi kortini kwa sababu ya tittle dead, tutaenda bungeni.some of these politicians and foolishly smart and you have to accept that .

Nairobi, Kasarani subcounty

They are waiting for some other big wigs from the other political divide to respond to those alleged hate remarks in an equally hateful tone.
Arrest both to balance the hatred equation.

hata mkitoa comment yangu,hivo ndivyo mambo ilivio on the ground

Boss njiru iko kayole along kangundo rd ukienda ruai


Shemeji rudisha comment lakini kama iko na ujinga mutura hatukuli leo.

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Population control

unajua meno brown na sungusungu wamewekewa wanted ngong?

2017 hakutachafuka, ile kitu itachafuka tu ni nguo za raila after kuchapwa sweep na uhunye


Anyone knows what Portmore is. You shud all relax in your cocoons.

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That must be towards Chokaa.

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that is a peasant fight. For people living in decent places its hard to fight on tribal ground labda kwa sababu kama kufuck wake wa wenyewe!hehe