Tension at Kenya-Uganda Border as Ktalker Lands for Undisclosed Mission

Tension is high at the Kenya-Uganda border as a talker is seen headed the Ugandan. Out very own @digi is headed there for the latest details. Kenyans you is fucked. Niliwambia I am seriously contemplating kuhama Kenya. Ona sasa mahali Jubilee imenifikisha. Got it for a steal and planning some serious pig farming

Farming is a noble business. We need people like you locally. Good luck.

Good luck

Good job

Wakikufukuza bila kitu in 2030 usijali tutakupea pahala pa kulala

Good job elder

How does it feel owning foreign soil?

Go for it bro. I wish I could follow you there. Our Kenya is becoming worse each passing day.

safi elder

good step elder. i was also thinking of getting buroti maguta maguta in the land of himuselefu. how much is an acre and what is required to own land there mdau?

I got an acre for an equivalent of kshs. 200k. Let me find out what it entails for a foreigner. I am not a foreigner per se. You see we guys from border town belong to both countries. We are “bonafide” citizens of both countries. We vote in Kenya and in Uganda as we are registered in both. Uliza @Abba vile kunaendanganga

Mimi ni wa mwitoti kakamega. @Duke of Busia na @Ken_Sarro can help here. The only deal ya Ugandans I know ni kuleta cheap mbolea kimagendo

@magreb iyo kiwanja iko wapi

that’s quite cheap at 200k.if you get more information about the issue, post here. sirudi kwetu kitui after retirement :p:p:D:D:D

Ata women rep wetu alikuja tu ivo na Ajai rudi ASAL

Undisclosed location near the Uganda-Kenya Border. Neighbours are Tesos and Bakhayo.

Wewe tafuta shamba kubwa ugawe acre mbili mbili na kuuzia sisi

This is ngolod I tell you- maguta maguta

We the people from the border can easily blend in and own land both sides. Mzazi ako na prime beach side land pale past Rumino. The local LC (equivalent of chief) is my distant uncle so for me getting those sides is as cheap as pie. @Duke of Busia can attest to that. A luo anaeza pewa akijifanya mdama coz of the language similarity. Huyo mkamba nimesoma hapo juu pole sana. Shiny eye jaribu kwa Maghufuli upewe kama mchaga.

SI amesema teso and Bukhayo. Basically Busia district in Uganda