Tender za low cost housing ni kama zishapeanwa


Nyinyi laleni…hii miradi tushaanza.

Si unirushie ka sub contract mahali.

AAA Uuu Wiii, company imepata hii tender tena…

unangojea waeke kwa gazeti? Ngojea tu

My heart bleeds for Kenyan Youth. Slavery kwa vijana pesa kwa wazee.

Let me just ask…mnataka aliens wapewe hii contract ndio mfurahi ama nini? If a Kenyan is given, people will still complain ati he’s a proxy or connected, now that it looks likely Chinaman amepata it’s guaranteed that there’ll be plenty of complaining. ‘Mnataka nifanye nini?’


You do realize the low costing houses project will involve PPP, the gov will only lease the land to investor. The investor is to fund the whole project at his cost not government. How will it work? 30% of the project will be purely for the investor to build for his own sales at market value to recoup the investment. For that 30% allocation he can do his own high end apartments for sales. The other 70% will be build low income houses that government will allocate to citizens. This housing project will need rich investors with long term prospects not short term speculators. That’s why local fis have stayed away. Chinese firms are the only ones engaging on the projects. Most will have to put up between $500 million -1 billion on each project from their own finances.

kila kitu itatoka China madze, from cement to chuma, to …

haiya! This is a new one.

P.S Housing Hinga has been on endless TV interviews detailing the same. Its a clever way to get investors to put up housing infrastructure on behalf of the government for the people and at the same time allow them to get a return of investment. Remember even the land is leased to investors I.e 99 years not sold to them. It remains GoK land. All projects must adhere to 50% of local materials and since its not a specialized still to build apartments then locals will get over 90% of the jobs. The 10% will be investors inspectors and managers to follow through that the work meets codes and building specification set locally.

Nianunaje hizo nyumba?
Nilipiga watu ngeta last week kumbe walikuwa na pesa

The biggest problem is the allocation process, this might just be a bigger nhc - where the top government guys will just allocate themselves and their relatives the houses.

it might not seem sexy, but the government should just focus on doing the basic first, we are a poor third world country and some of the projects we are getting into are just too complex for our evolving systems.

If say in Nairobi the government just paved roads in the outskirts, all those small paths huko joska, kitengela e.t.c provide water and police posts/stations for security the housing issue in nairobi will sort itself, lakini we want to do mega projects while our control systems are non existent, trust me those who will get those houses will be the well connected and then they will rent them out.

I can confidently tell you bado, hii very likely ni a private project.

Bure kabisa. Kumbuka oparanya na wanjiru wakijigawia keja za NHC

Common sense in Africa is about as common as aids and starvation in norway, which is to say not very.

I hear some negro country is thinking of building a nuclear reactor…lord help us.

they will be using your kra pin to determine if you qualify for the house, and its all on a portal .no face to face chieth.its a well thought and researched project. implementation ndio tunangoja kuona

And Margaret Wanjiru is a pastor. It’s no wonder young Kenyans have lost faith in religious institutions because religious leaders ni majambazi

we wait and see, what I know is that governments are very poor at ‘business like’ transactions no matter how much you want to move the thing online, some form of vetting will be needed to ascertain the validity of the application, lakini nakwambia if the government has been unable to allocate the nhc houses I don’t think they are ready to do the same at a scale 10-20-30 times bigger.