Nasisitiza, vijana waoe mapema, immediately after kumaliza campus, 24-28, lea mapema, ukiwa miaka 50 uwe free. Ukifika 29 bila bibi utapendewa tu hela zako.

Si lazima MTU aoe siku hizi. Only marry if you are very sure the woman you intend to marry is wife material and not a gold digger

after kuoa then what?

The opposite of wife material is a strong independent contented woman.

Mbona unaogopa kumention @LongerTime

As a man, getting married in your twenties is a bad idea.

Ati they will later have the time to travel the world

You are wise

@PHARMACY alioa akiwa 26 yrs na Sahi anakula balozi na ugali kavu, don’t try.

And what if she’s a wife material and you are not husband material…utamlaumu nani

After 50 you’re free to do what exactly? Get sickly as you wait to die? You think that your wife will still be in love with your old, broke and ugly ass when you hit 29?

What you’ve just described is a wife material to me regardless.

Imagine mtu kama @chap ako loveless at 45yrs kazi ni kubishana hapa na hajawahi zalisha ata panya. All his babies are floating in the ruai sewage depot

@Nameberry1 unanyonya mbolo??

If u were a simp u need a helpless woman whos got no options to make you feel man enough. Simps see independent women as a threat to manhood

why are u having thoughts like that

Pia nakula mamako mkia ki @cortedivoire

Ebu uliza hio nyang’au mbolo ninini, labda kinaogelelea big G na miraa

Mbona unasema ati? Wewe kwanza ni danguro connoisseur so tunajua unasimamia wapi. Despite being a mega political retard, @sani is very right. And yes, it is true, you will have time to travel the world.

Mjamaa ako na mauchungu sana banae sijui alikosewa wapi. 95% of @chap 's comments are pure negative criticism. Akuna mahali ata Chap amecontribute to a thread akapeana his two cents, kazi yake ni kuingilia tu watu. Such a miserable twat in real life if you ask me