Tembea Isiolo


Mount Kenya is currently under beautiful blanket of snow.

Looks nice!! Do they have a tourism package that lets me play hide and seek with local AK-47 wielding bandits, or do I have to travel further North to Samburu and Marsabit counties for that? Some of us are adrenaline junkies.

Yaani you can see Mt kenya from Isiolo? I learn new things in this village everyday.

Isiolo is safe. Especially this part here bordering Laikipia and Meru. Mpaka na Wajir, Garissa ndio hamna uhakika wa usalama.

Yaani which cave do you guys come from? Isiolo town is probably more near mt Kenya than nyeri town.

Watu wa Nairobi wengi ni hivyo.

Lakini this is just beautiful

My bad. My TV has some serious explaining to do. Goddamn githeri media!!

Hate speech

Who is this talker? You are my neighbour

:D:D:D naona uko na evidence - but I think the media is referring to Isiolo county and the topic might be referring to Isiolo town

Ukipita Isiolo hivi kuelekea Marsabit, that is the best driving road in Kenya for speed and GT fans. Cheki amateur video footage