Tembea Embu: Bonus Edition...

Weather ya kianjokoma huwa mbaya tuu. Nko embu town weka coordinates

Wee va nthee:D:D

Ni embu town. Wiku wee

Saahii niko kigaa kwa cucu…

Kethia cucu ucoke uthie vau gichiche digital unyue umwe

Uma ni kaoke ala thondeka tukunde. Lazima nipewe ujuzi nikuwe niki sort mtaani…

Uki wa kuthondekwa umunthi ndunginyuq

E-city tunatambua @muria.mboco peke yake. Coka kuria uma

Siya leo, alikuwa ana cheki kama iko sawa.


Pia wewe umefuata bonathi…rusha Za mecho pande hii nipate gibleys. Msa is terribly Cold

That’s good… Now am missing home.
And the muguka farm;

@Meria Mata Hujamaliza recovery mission?

Nilikua nimeenda shuguli zangu hata sijafika home. Ntarusha kakitu kidogo utoe lock

Hapo sawa… .rathimwa muno

Crasher _18 you are doing a v bril’ job of posting piks. I am downloading them as friends and I are planning a big ‘know Kenya’ trip next year for like 4-6 months hivi. Some of us left Kenya kitambo sana so barely know our motherland other than what we immediately see when we come briefly or where we go with families like Mombasa, Nanyuki. Naivasaha etc. I am dying to go huko kwa Governor Nanok.
These are beurriful piks.

Good…i can arrange a crazy itinerary for you guys… Wacha I send you some nice destinations some you might not know even exist here

Will be vvvv much appreciated Muria something. I tried to get my online crush incognito to keep posting about his travels… he vaped into the oblivion. Some of us have long felt that we do not know the Coundray…I left in 1st year of Uni. Hata Tujungus here know the place more than me cos they come to sightsee while I come to lounge. Nkt. Oh I was in Kitale, oh I went to Lewa Downs, oh I was in Naro Moru is all I hear and the piks are always amazing. One thing they are in agreement is… they do not want to be anywhere near CBD.

We are saving up.

It’s @muria.mboco Wacha hizo wewe

Embu is a nice place. Been working there since last year . Never been past Kianjakoma. Nice photos man.

I did it vvv tongue in cheek.:slight_smile: so quick question are you gonna be charging us? since at some point we will be heading off to diff directions. Some dudes want to climb Mt Kenya and are already gyming, some like me would rather spend that time in Othumo/Eldie/Kakamega and kwa Governor Nanok( I have an obsession here)…I always read guys here describing Kenya like the back of their hands. I feel jealous… but instead they bitch about me mentioning London. But this is where I have lived my adult life…you guys are vvv lucky.