Tembea Africa: Kazungula - Botswana/Zambia crossing

Kama hua waogopa Likoni ferry hii utaweza kweli
you are in 3 countries Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and you can see Namibia a few hundred metres away


China is building that suspension bridge on the background to link the two countries. This problem will end in the near future.

Namibia touching the Zambezi is some boundary voodoo

yaani mchina amejishindia kila mega construction contract in Africa

what do you mean

Can you imagine the mineral maps they have!

they are decimating our wildlife, in 20 yrs hakutakua na elephant ata moja in the wild


wonder what mzungu was thinking akiextend Namibia hivo, or maybe they just wanted to touch the river only

That desert Sandy shit needed some fresh water too.

We gave them the keys then taught our children their ways, just as we did with mzungu.


Engineers wa china wanakula vizuri

Handle yako ingine V. E?

DCI I’m 19 yrs, nikitaka kuingia job kwenu where do I start?

beba lube 3 litres



senior turnboy tulia, msenge.

ghaseer, last person kutusi Administrator alijipata inje
chunga sana
withdraw and apologize saa huu

most borders were tribal land lines,burial sites or no mans land due to superstion kama ile ya wamaasai na one of the lakes siielewagi poa, that had to be respected ama ka war kangenuka and the colonizers would be at the short end of the stick

Sludgist vipi?