Tembea Africa ili uappreciate what you have in 254

Real shit hole, before you complain about 254 angalia hizi pics

habari ndio hio,
and then a lot of internal strife, the WHO cant get to the areas affected by Ebola.

Every time I see Congo I cry !

The richest country in the world

Sawa VC. Tuwekee za bara bara pale kwa kagame.

Leo Kinyanjui huko ni paradise, ustake jua.
@shoti_mzito ako huko acha alete live feed

Sometimes I wish this country should have been a British colony, they’d be better off. So much potential going to waste.

The Irony. It is that wealth that will forever impoverish them.

like “our oil” in Turkana

someone will come and say; “We need a revolution”…

soma hii
Moïse Kapenda Tshombe (1919–1969) •

I liketh MM. Baba tyoi wangu as you know is based in Kigali/NRB now…mazee the piks naonanga…mimi na tois twaenda huko soon.

na hii ya the richest man in the world, Forbes (meffi) dont want to admit coz hawajui source of wealth

We need a revolution in africa

The so called “development partners” are literally drooling. Wacha ‘hustler’ achukue usukani wamsukumie kakitu. tutajua hatujui!

dont you think about it, ive abandoned two trucks there.
you never know what is in the lining, civil war, ebola or Goma volcano. Congo is the real land of the brave

Results of neo-colonialism and corruption

To whoever much is given much is expected. Congo and Africa should stand up and measure up to its potential.

But everytime we have a semblance of intention to kick the pretenders who claim to be leaders in the butt/aside. A battalion of loyalists arise with facts, lies propaganda, bullshit and threats and anything they can lie their hands on to ensure its stopped.

Its coz of our own we will always be slaves of fools, lesser men.
What a tragedy?

do you know what the Belgians did there?
kaa hujui sema nikupe TBT.

Truly sad.

The richest country that will never be