Tell Miguna Miguna

Who can tell him, in Africa ,we don need the learned to run the country but crooks

Miguna apewe kiti ya ule msee alifutwa.

Miguna has mistaken political competition for insults hurling competition

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Miguna is a deluded fellow, he is so out of touch with Kenya and the preferences of the ordinary hoi poloi, this is not Canada, we do not vote in your prowess in formulation of policies and your PhD or reputation as a Barrister. The people you meet at Sankara and Villa Rosa probably will not vote and even if they do, they do not even get close to forming the critical mass of the voting block. Its a whole different ball game here in Kenya Mister


He is deluded alright but I really laughed vile alidescribe Sonko, Waweru na Kidero. Si huyu mtu ni braggart.