Tell me the most idiotic thing you have done.

I once tried checking the oil levels while the car was still running. Saw some sparks nikashtuka. Very stupid thing.

The biggest idiot will receive a thermal image of ksh 100 credit by tomorrow of Safaricom. Siezi zurura nikitafuta these other funny Sim cards. (Based on likes received). Sweeps don’t count. My word is my bond. Entertain me now. No copy paste.

The most idiotic thing I ever did is siring you. Siring an Idiot is no joke when you are not one :D:D:D

Clicking on this thread, very idiotic…

Sir, siring an idiot is not hard - if you ferk Ngunu the family cow like you prolly did…

Thinking how sugarcane gets sugar from the soil

Most idiotic thing I have done to date, dated a supposed divorcé. Urgh! So. Much. Baggage.

:D:D matusi zako saa zingine wacha tu

Trying 69 with a partner with chronic flatulence after a high protein lunch.


He he he!

Hungry. No, HUNGRY!! Na nimefika keja wee hours. But there are there are some three eggs kwa fridge. Console myself zitashikilia tumbo hadi asubuhi. Pan kwa gas, kibuyu ya mafuta haina any but inakaa kuna tumafuta imekwama pale chini…

Pan songesha kando tuyeyushe mafuta. I forgot to adjust the flame… Usitake ona what followed.

Trying to shout at a classmate outside the bus while sitting on the engine. Ile look nilipigwa na dereva wa hiyo stagecoach jo!

Vote for Kamlesh for MP

Touching live electricity wires as a kid. Me and my friends spoilt our neighbours bell and left the wires hanging. We’d then find it funny when the wires touched then the bell rung and we ran away. So one day I touched the wires with my hands instead of using a piece of wood like we used to. Stima sio mchezo.

Trying to fly from the rooftop with my friend Marvin when we were nine years old. Used banana leaves attached to our arms and jumped off the roof. Sprained my ankle so bad

I used to lick wet window panes as a kid. The sheer thrill of it’s cold wetness used to cause a wave of excitement with the worms that had pitched tents in my stomach.
This only stopped when my mother came with her troops(my aunt) one day and beat the demons out of me… in front of my friends. I was demoted from ‘first bodah’ immediately, no pensions. Granted, it was idiotic, but my tongue game is legendary these days:D

To digress a little, my father’s driver went to check the radiator water levels after a long drive and the engine was still running…steam ilimchoma akaona blackout and to date he cannot drive at night coz of the eye damage he sustained

@Bingwa Scrotum.
I know your life is one long idiotic journey.
Come share.

Kupanda 5bob kwa ground after my big brother told me iakuwa money plant.proceeded to water it for 3days kumbe the bagga had already harvest it.

kukojolea live wire za game park fence niliskia kama balls zimekatwa i had to verify ziko