Tell Me If These Are Not Ghosts...


:smiley: Wind blowing things is a natural phenomenon. Where are you seeing ghosts?

Unless you havent seen wind blow people let alone those light tumbleweeds

@Mangele ,i always upheld you as a man of extreme general knowledge,kumbe wewe ni bonobo tu namna hii:D:D:D


That’s just a big snake, there are no such things as ghosts, witches, werewolves, vampires, bigfoot, etc



It once happened to me in a ghetto hostel, that i had a snake at my feet for 2 hours and it did not strike. I had a test the following day and U was not prepared so I decided to woke up at 5 am and revise. At dawn aroud 7 am whe I finished my studies I happened to move my feet only to feel something cold and soft. I decided to look and black snake sleeping, damn… I managed to kill it.