How beneficial and efficient are this deals, can I do some tough tasks on a laptop with them [ATTACH=full]399616[/ATTACH]

Kama uko na 4g network iko swafii

That’s what I use. Kwanza late night unaweza hut 6MB/s. Of course, it depends with your location

Ni deal gani swafi and cheap around kahawa sukari

Kahawa, si you go for zuku’s fiber, student package. Pay kitu 1333, for 5mbs

chukua zuku kes 2,500 10mpbs

Ofcourse Ponooo…what kind of man are you?

As in

The downside to Telcom network is unrelieble connection in suburban areas especially mtaani. But if their 4G network covers your area, go for it.

Buda…izaa…lenga hiyo comment…was uncalled for

nacheza ndani ya 120 GB swafe kabisa