Two speed tests done by an i phone 6 shows that Safaricom 4G is faster on the download link but almost similar speeds on the upload link. Telkom is making great progress. They should work on their network overall

[ATTACH=full]143036[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]143037[/ATTACH]

Both are still fast enough. How much bandwidth does one really need if it’s not for bragging rights?

they should work on coverage 53mbs kwa simu sasa utafanyia nini na economy ya safcom…

Telkom is crap. I have been a loyal user of Orange/Telkom for years and ever since they switched on their 4G, service has been terrible.

First, Because their 4g network is not everywhere, I’m always having trouble switching back to 4g after being dropped to 3g. This is not the case on Safcon.

Secondly, the link keeps dropping even when network is still up. To get around this, I have to continuously run a ping service. Also, on occassion, network strength disappears in totality then come back full strength.

Also, their 4g wifi routers I think are defective. When the above happens and network is cycled, DNS resolution no longer works. I have opted to manually configuring my devices to use the Google DNS service.

If only telkom.could stabilize there network

Their 4g doesnt cover whole of nyairofi

I use Google or Open dns on all my devices

Telkom iko sawa kwa peasants. Speeds hushuka ukipitisha 50 Gb, aim yangu ni kufikisha threshold na kuchapa freelancing jobs. Hii speed sijui munapima iwasaidie aje.

utajua tu usijali…