Telkom Credit disappearing

Lazima hizi ghaseer zinikule 10bob a few hours after I’ve topped up every time sijui kwanini. The line is new na sijawai okoa or subscribe to anything ya 10bob.

Hata kama ni ten bob sipendi kuibiwa mimi, zime accumulate to 200bob lost so far and their customer care is not helpful at all.

Pia mimi nili notice they do that. 10 bob kukatwa every day or two. I checked *456# to see if I’m subscribed to premium services but nope. Since then, I make sure I never have any more than I need. For example if I need data ya 1k, I put exactly 1k and immediately buy data. Balance ibaki 0. That way hawawezi kata.

They used to cut me 10 bob, I called the mazafuckers wakaniambia ati I was subscribed to a premium service by clicking a website.

Did you ever find a solution to the problem?

Very common hata kwa safaricon where someone subscribes your modem # to a premium service. When it comes time to pay for internet, unapata you are short 10-20 bob. Mikora tupu.

Also some of their tunukiwa offers never add up. You get fleeced with impunity.

I thought I was the only one! Yangu waliiba 400 bob in two days. Kuwauliza wakasema ilimezwa na data and I rarely use the line for browsing. Nitatupa hiyo line tu.

ii si uende data manager you activate ndio kama huna bundles credit isitumike browsing.

mimi yangu ilikuwa 20 bob dubscription na nlisaidiwa na customer care ku unsubscribe. sumbua wao kabisa ama ujipeleke customer care centers

I’ve used all lines in Kenya and a fact, no way they can deduct anything from you not unless you have a subscription. The only thing to do, is find it and unsubscribe.
If you can’t diagnose it, your loss mate.

There is a subscription that keeps on subscribing my line 70080. ten bob per day. I keep on unsubing but it pops up again

ukikaa hivi alafu uone kadialog ka USSD kametokelezea ati “subscribe now to get the ringtone ayayayayaya kidero you slapped me” alafu chini kuna 1 for yes and 2 for no, finyanga cancel.
hapana tuma 2 for no

kwa server yao labda 1 ni yes na pia 2 ni yes

Yep its been happening to me too. I make sure I don’t have any idle credit on that line.
If they have a million active customers just imagine they kind of money they steal per day.

And I thought ilikua ni mimi pekee yangu. Hii shit ilinifrustrate sana. Kama ni premium services unaunsubscribe kesho unapata ulishasubribiwa.

You have like 5 people complaining on this thread. Bruh, they ain’t crazy

Ata mimi ni iyo. So mi anytime nadai kutop up na-unsubscribe nibuy offers zao then nawawach

How do i check if I’m subscribed to this shit?

Update: nime dial *456# nikaona siko subscribed to any premium service. Ama kuna service ingine hidden somewhere?

siri ya all these subscriptions…ingia post paid. Say pay a fixed amount of 2000 bob every month. get your data and talk time ( never used that shit known as sms subscriptions). Halafu thank us later…paybill is OPEN…

Nimechunguza nikapata hii message from 70906. Hii ni umeffi tupu juu sijawai subscribe to this shit. How do i unsubscribe?


Hii ndio dawa!

Yes, they unsubscribed my simcard