TelKom & Airtel Finally Merge

The Competition Authority of Kenya has approved the merger between Airtel and Telkom in a deal that could challenge the dominance of telecommunications market leader Safaricom. India’s Bharti Airtel agreed to work with Telkom Kenya as a single entity on Friday, February 7 after a series of consultations.
“The merged entity shall ensure that at 349 of the 674 employees of the target are retained as follows: 120 employees by the merged entity for a period of two years from the date of the implementation of the merger, 114 employees by Telkom Kenya Limited for a period of two years from the date of the implementation of the merger and 115 employees to be absorbed by the network partners of the merged entity,” CAK boss Wang’ombe Kariuki said in a statement.

CAK boss Wang’ombe Kariuki said in a statement

yaani Wangusi alienda tu hivyo and he was replced by Wang’ombe, anyway the merger will only make safcom stronger, not sure why telkom went into this thing, airtel were moving towards their deathbed, it was just a matter of time.

Telkom wameharibu sassa

I hope Airtel shit doesn’t stink up Telkom.

Itakuwa inaitwa Teltel, Airkom??

Why not Komair?

Bado itakua tu AirTel

Ni telair pendejo

Hata kampuni kumi zimarge as long as hawaezi improve infrastructure in order to enhance connectivity hawataweza

True. Their shitty networks will always make Safcon to triumph especially in rural areas.

Safaricom will not be moved by this…they will keep innovating as the competition copies and plays second fiddle.

no. sounds like kûma

Telcom already stunk and on its deathbed…

One last hurdle to the merger is the anti-corruption commission lifting a suspension it ordered in August while it investigated allegations about the misappropriation of public funds at Telkom

Telkom have a very expansive network – if only they could manage to keep it functional.

Mimi naona:D:D:D