I am looking forward to purchase the Telkom 4G router,

  1. On LTE the router can achieve 150Mbps ( since am within the cbd I know this won’t be an issue)

  2. The router specification is that it can serve to a maximum of 32 people

  3. With my Network design i want to server around 100+ people with the two access point.

My question will this router help me achieve to serve the said number of clients at a good speed.


I don’t think it will. I use the 5K version sometimes and while I can’t compain, the speeds are not so good. If you are in town, there are so many options. Have you checked the availability of Vuma?

Telkom wanashida kubwa Sana. Kuna time nilikua H/Office kupiga simu Na net ilikua inasumbua.

It is a good router but I doubt the speeds will be good for 32 users. Sometimes I subscribe for the unlimited 4G ya Safcom yet downloading using IDM hua naona the fastest inaenda ni 7mb/s

are you on 4G with safaricom and what is the capability of the routr you ussually use

Please expound on the 5k version and vuma ?

Telkom has a 4G Mi-Fi router going for 5K. It connects up to 15 people. That’s one of the major differences between the Mi-Fi device and the CPE router. The other major difference is that whereas the Mi-Fi device does not have ports for cable connection, the CPE routher has 4 ports to allow for cable connection. My issue with the Mi-Fi device is that I’m not getting anything past 5Mbps. May be it’s because I’m out of 4G coverage. However, the speeds have not been so good and I’m not doing heavy browsing with it.

Vuma is the Safaricom fibre option. If your area is covered, you better go for it. Right now I’m streaming the As Roma vs Liverpool game. I also do Netflix once in a while. I don’t think there’s anything that comes close to this. Simply the best option right now. Prices races from 2500 to 10K depending on your usage and the number of users in your household.

The speeds I’ve mentioned above are for safcom. For Orange it’s slower because where I am there is no Orange 4G coverage