Telegram odd gurus

hizi vitu hukuwa za ukweli ama ni scam? who has ever tried and won anything from here?

Fixed odds ama predictions ndio una ulizia?

Most Telegram punters are out to make money either through VIP fees or bookie referral links


2 years ago I bought a fixed ticket from someone on Telegram,the first ticket lost,he gave me a second ticket and it won.I bought another ticket from him,the ticket didn’t win and neither did the subsequent tickets win,I only betted 3 times on the losing tickets.At the end of it,I still made a profit since he sold the ticket at 1500 kshs.The only other person I know who sells legit tickets isn’t around right now.She proved herself with free tickets,one had 70+ odds and it won.As for predictions,those are tricky,I only can vouch for 2 guys on Telegram only.

which guys and have you done business with them?

Yes,I have done business with them . and.

Fixed both of you could be scammers promoting your works

There is nothing like “fixed matches” it’s just a different way if scamming…

All those are bogus… Follow and see they lose most of their predictions

I once saw a fixed bet ticket given in a certain VIP group. I didnt bet. True to say all the games went as it was writteb in the ticket. Tricky

As soon as you see the word fixed odds or fixed matches run away very fast

Unge angusha hapa ghasia. Kuna talker amewahi tupea fixed ilikuwa ya odd 2.8 hapo nilikula ngiri moja na Mia nane.

ilikuwa kitambo kitu 2017 sikuwa nimejoin huku bado

Fixed match unless wewe ndio referee akuna kitu kama hio…