Telegram group for hookups: Ksh 5000 per month

Created by one singo matha amakove wala.The group SYS stands for shoot your shot is likely to be dominated by singo mathas and divorcees. here is a sample of what you are likely to find there. Lazima kuna bonobo watalipa

She even shared samples

The email address shows the year of birth.
She is 43 not 30

@Kodiaga utaoa lini? Chukua post wall mmoja huko as they are the ones who can fancy a 56yr old AMG


Kuna hii ingine bya uwesmakende, labda he is the same biach[ATTACH=full]492020[/ATTACH]

A simple mathematics hypothesis. She posts fake messages claiming to be group members. In 1000 guys who will see the posts and reshare, half may consider to pay. Half of those may pay. So 250×5000. But of those let’s say 200 actually pay. So 1m. Of those 200, 100 may be kicked out on pettiness. The rest remain with a likely ratio of 10 men to around 2-4 real women. The group remains with the men competing for women who may not even be real. At this rate, I don’t blame women for taking men’s money. On the other hand the idea collapses terribly. The idea is running on telegram so… you know the drill

Why would any sober man blow 5k on a group filled with baggage-ridden single mothers when he can use that money kuspoil some campus bimbo? Meeting women is free but maybe hakukosi simps kila mahali.


your reasoning is top notch. ukiwa na 5k you will get a nice 20 year old yellow yellow soft campus meat. unanunua pombe kidogo na unatafuna mtu usiku mzima.

The whole thing is just fake. Imagine paying 5000 for anything, this stupid woman is preying on even stupider people.
Someone should report this TillNumber for fraud.

Why would anyone pay for this and not use Tinder which is free ?
Kweli desperation is real…

Such meetups and groups always fail because they lack what men want…young single hot women with zero baggage. FB kumejaa groups za singles na zimejaa single mothers wamama wamesota. Men already know that they cant get what they want from such meetups that’s why they ignore them. Kulikuwa na ile video ya huko yues where a singles meetup ilipangwa and only broke old single mothers showed up.

If I was to organize a mixer ningetarget young women and “rich” men. Cut-off ingekuwa 25 years for women na men kuingia ni bei moderate kama 2k. Security ikuwe tight juu najua the first group to try and game the system ingekuwa single mothers over 25.

Quality control means locking out broke men and old women (25+). Though najua ungejipata kwa news within no time juu ya feminists.

Lastly and most importantly, do not market it as a mixer/singles meeting. Wanaume wakikuja wapate mali safi na wanawake wapate ballers word will spread like wildfire.

5k kupata namba ya mama wa 50 years yet mama ya @PHARMACY anauza wares 50 bob mlolongo .

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:D:D:D:D @Black Templar alifanya nini??

I know Kenyans can be stupid, but not this stupid

Alikataza uwesmakende mcea . @uwesmake is a toddler and an idiot. He carries grudges like a woman with menstruals

You won’t miss afew simps with some loose money to waste, who’ll fall for it…

Lakini surely 5k? Aih… Yaani utembeee tu hii Nairobi nzima unataka kuniambia utakosa some fine young college girls who’ll just probably cost you half that? Hook up, a drink, you nut and you are on your way bila the trauma of a woman who has seen her best days… Gumama mwenye Gravity and age has really worked on her, kila kitu kina sugg… Ah…

Nobody likes your stupidity anymore chief. Vuta glue Kisha uwank ulale

With 5k, I gotta pick two yellow yellow chicks pale Tao for a threesome. Alternatively, two campus chicks from UoN