Guys I need your advice on how to deal with teens.Took my small brother who is in form 2 to school today, on being frisked by security kumbe the guy ameficha simu Kwa ngotha bana.Needless to say deputy hataki kusikia anything.Suspension with no negociations.Have you dealt with these characters as a parent or as an older sibling?Dawa yao ni gani.

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Mwambie akae nyumbani atumie simu atosheke. mnunulie credit ya 1000 atumie izo 2 weeks. itamkula akili hadi aamke

A School is not a prison. I didnot know that this rule exists.

i thought hawa walimu hawana akili waliisha siku hizi, suspension ya two weeks ya nini na mzazi niko hapo na hakuna makosa imefanyika? kwani simu ni heroin ? mtoto either akule voboko kadhaa au apwe counseling.

huyo mwalimu ningemkula ma sweep na ni record video umbwa kabisa

Nikisema mtoto asikuje shule na simu asikuje shule na simu. Ukijiona mjeuri chukua Clichy uende na yeye kwako ukamsomeshe. You knew the school rules when you enrolled the kid. Wazazi kama wewe hujiona special sana ndio the best to make an example out of. Hapa nasupport mwalimu 100%.

If you suspend someone for two weeks , unamsadia aje sasa.So two weeks kijana ako home anaranda randa tu , he might be influenced by bad company.It would have been better to cane him.

Mwalimu angechukua simu aweke kwa ofisi for 2 years kijana aki-clear form four atarudishiwa. Secondly, punishment works wonders I’m sure hakuna shule haina shamba ya kulima ama kuni za kupasuliwa. I personally believe that the best way to punish teenagers is through hard manual labor in the hot sun.

Kufukuza mwanafunzi ni ujinga. Some of these teenagers actually enjoy staying at home.

I would do the same if I was the teacher! School is only a school if it has rules.

Kenyan teachers are dumb af. Peleka kijana shule ingine if possible.

also phone addiction is a big problem with the current crop of teens…I have a young sister who cant function without her phone…hadi kwa jikoni lazima akuwe na simu akipika

Social media and porn addiction can be worse than heroin .

Its a colonial heritage. It yeilds very arrogant government officers. And very incapable population with infantile tendencies

  1. Alificha simu because it is outlawed in school. What is the school’s procedure of addressing it? Is it suspension ama other forms or discipline?

The fact you had no idea he had a phone on him indicates you two aren’t close/open with each other.
It could also mean you have no rules guiding behaviour in your house.

  1. Reinforcement and punishment: at 15/16/17, your bro has an understanding of the consequences of his actions.
    What’s his phone usage (time spent, and on what) at home? Establishing why he was taking his phone to school. Who else has a phone in school? Please note: he will be playing dumb.

Agree on new rules to guide behaviour in your house. Expect resistance. He is a teen. That’s his profession and motivation.
Agree on ways to recognise and reward good behaviour/upholding rules, and how you will reprimand and punish bad behaviour.

[SIZE=1]Hakikisha unajua what he values most, like his phone, and what hurts him most. Those are your avenues of punishment e.g withholding access to phone or internet/data access for a number of hours. [/SIZE]

Be sure that your own behaviour and conduct modes those rules. Otherwise utarudi tu hapa

bundles anatoa wapi ? ama navy seals wanamkamua na kumpea doo ya bundles

my worry would be more to do with his lack of creativity when smuggling the phone through - encourage him to play strategy games, engage him in chess and the likes, he needs to work hard on his creative side, ask him to be more observant, when other kids are being frisked, ask him to learn as much as possible about those guards, ask him to be more creative next time.

It’s good you have brought these things up, I have noticed the guy is ever on his phone when he is around.Never thought I should limit that, but naona I will be forced to do that now


ni vile kuna baridi. iyo kijana alifaa aingie kwa uwanja with three blankets ajifunike from noon hadi 4pm. ajue hajui na urudi home na simu

Huyo mfinyie mangumi hapo Kwa depa ukisema utamuua mkifika mtaani. Itabidii depa aingilie Kati awatoanishe. Hapa kijana ita bidii hio suspension ikuwe suspended. Depa akanyagie hio ngori. Na hiyo simu uvunje vunje utupe Kwa dustbin.