Teenagers wreck car on Namanga Road

Tuesday, August 24, 2021 – Last weekend, three teenagers were involved in a grisly road accident along Namanga Road.

According to social media reports, the teenagers, who are said to be Form Four students, had hired the ill-fated vehicle to go for a road trip.

One of the teenagers died on the spot after exiting through the windscreen during the fatal crash, while his colleagues escaped with serious injuries and are still admitted to the hospital

Windscreen imeandikwa YOLO (you only live once)

Teen was not licensed yet they gave him the car. Also, car owner only took liability insurance so he will lose. But may they RIP.

How appropriate

hopefully, those idiots didn’t murder or injure innocent people. and whoever hired them the vehicle should be jailed

So many faults in this incident. Taking these faults apart is a big deal but need to narrow down on the person who hired them that car.

hii ni kenya only penniless people get jailed